Published: October 23, 2023

2024 CORE Grant Cycle is Now Open for LOI Submissions

Important dates for the 2024 CORE Grants cycle.

For the 2024 Grant Cycle, Centralized Otolaryngology Research Efforts (CORE) partner societies and industry sponsors are currently offering 24 different grants for research training, career development, and research projects to further the specialty of otolaryngology.

Letter of Intent Submissions are now open and due December 15, 2023, at 11:59 pm (ET).

Learn more about this year's Funding Opportunity Announcements!

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About the CORE Grant Curriculum

Since 1985, CORE has played a vital role by awarding more than 600 grants and more than $13 million for research projects, research training, and career development to further the specialty of otolaryngology. These grants, ranging in award size from $10,000 to $100,000, have been essential for increasing the research base for otolaryngology.

The CORE program brings greater scale and less fragmentation and overlap to otolaryngology-head and neck surgery research opportunities, reduces the aggregate costs of the individual grant programs, and enables a comprehensive overview of the spectrum of promising otolaryngology and head and neck surgery research/researchers to promote to NIH and other agencies.