Published: October 1, 2023

Call for 2024 AAO-HNS Election Nominees

Recommend someone for elected office.

Oct2023 Bltn 2024 Call For Nomin 1500x845The AAO-HNS Nominating Committee is calling for recommendations of individuals to be considered for an elected office. Academy members must be in good standing, and it is recommended that they have held membership the last three consecutive years, have proven leadership qualities, be active in the Academy, be familiar with the strategic direction of the Academy, and be able to dedicate the necessary time to serve.

Please contact any member of the Nominating Committee requesting they support your nomination for elected office and submit your application packet to Lisa Holman, committee staff liaison, at More information will be available in mid-October in OTO News and on the Academy’s website. The application deadline is midnight (ET) December 11, 2023. No extension will be permitted.