Published: August 1, 2023

New ENThealth Video! Improve Your Sleep Quality

Helping patients make simple but important changes to sleep and bedtime patterns can improve the quality and duration of sleep., the AAO-HNSF patient information website, offers a roadmap for consumers seeking health-related information about otolaryngology-head and neck surgery conditions and treatments. The content is developed from a team of otolaryngology experts, and information is delivered via peer-reviewed articles, interactive features, and video content featuring physicians. Recently, engaging animated videos have been added to the vault of ENThealth tools and resources for patients, and we are pleased to present our latest animated video that is meant to enhance our existing patient education article, “Improve Your Sleep Quality.” Please take a moment to check it out!

Additional Sleep Resources for Your Patients

For information and resources to share with your patients about sleep disorders and treatments, go to to find the following patient information and more: