Published: June 21, 2021

125 Strong Campaign: Building a Pipeline of Leaders for the Future of the Specialty

It is our responsibility to provide leadership development and mentorship that will build the pipeline of leaders for the future of our specialty.

Kathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD, MSAKathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD, MSAKathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD, MSA

Creating a strong pipeline of capable leaders is imperative for the Academy. We are fortunate to have individuals who are the best and the brightest in medicine and volunteer selflessly to the organization. To make the most of the energy and enthusiasm that they bring, it is our responsibility to provide leadership development and mentorship that will build the pipeline of leaders for the future of our specialty. 

The funds raised through the Academy’s 125 Strong Campaign—Leadership Development and Mentorship—will be invested in concentrated trainings focusing on the different leadership skills needed at distinct phases of a career. The Leadership Development and Mentorship program addresses the progressive stages of leadership with three programs tailored to these diverse needs.

“How to Get in the Game” is meant for 125 Campaign Icon Leadershipindividuals finishing residency or fellowship. This leadership program provides a series of sessions that may be virtual or in person. Topics of discussion include team training, communications skills, and “managing up.” Case-based learning will be used for understanding the importance of interpersonal relationships, crucial conversations, and goal setting. The value of networking will be emphasized to develop relationships and opportunities for the future that are long-standing and productive. 

Applicants will be paired with established mentors and sponsors who fit their career goals and are able to give meaningful assistance and advice.

125 Campaign Outlines“How to Thrive and Prosper” is aimed at young otolaryngology faculty and those starting out in practice. Lessons are modular and participant-driven and will consist of monthly meetings with didactic content developed to address time management, team building, public speaking (scientific versus administrative presentations), conflict management/resolution, project development, and wellness, as well as development of a “side hustle” to keep energy and creativity front and center. The importance of leadership roles within medical staff and the opportunities to pair these roles with organized medicine will be discussed. Adequate time in each session will be left for discussion.

Course content will include live demonstrations of leadership styles and how they are appropriate for different situations. Participants will model and discuss their comfort levels and report their success in using the leadership styles in their professional lives. Additionally, participants will develop career goals that are reasonable and attainable, learning the ability to change course when progress seems slower than expected or changes occur. One of the key teaching modules involves strategies for keeping on track for promotion and avoiding career derailment.

“Career Transitions: What Next?” is intended for mid- or senior-career individuals who are interested in transitioning to leadership positions—such as department chair, division chief, chief medical officer, chief of staff, or dean of a medical school— or a career path other than one that involves clinical medicine and research. Speakers will be otolaryngologists in the roles previously mentioned and will share techniques they used to achieve their goals. Sessions include discussing the benefit or need for an advanced degree, available education resources, garnering support for medical staff, and becoming an institutional team player.

Each group will have monthly one-hour didactic sessions with time allowed for Q&A. The goal is to have 20 participants in each group and to have regular “check-ins” to ensure topics and curriculum are appropriate and well received. Course correction will happen in real time, as necessary, to achieve each participant’s desired results. As our world changes, so do we and the opportunity to learn from others in our specialty is an opportunity to stay relevant and well informed. 

If we look at a leader as someone who takes people where they want to go, the Academy will provide members with leadership development and mentorship that will allow them to achieve those goals and aspirations. The opportunities are varied—and the skill set necessary may well depend on the individual—but the Academy can be a resource to achieve these goals. 

Donate to the 125 Strong Campaign today to support the endeavors of the Leadership Development and Mentorship programs. Join your many colleagues and friends and help us Shape Our Future Together

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