2017 BOG Awards Announced
Expanded from the print edition

August 2017 - Vol. 36, No. 7

Each year, the AAO-HNS Board of Governors (BOG) highlights outstanding individualized efforts of its state societies and members. Below are the results of the 2017 BOG Awards. Congratulations to the winners!

BOG Model Society Award

The Model Society Award recognizes outstanding local/state/regional societies that exhibit effective leadership. The 2017 Model Society Award is based on activities from February 1, 2016, through January 31, 2017.

The Georgia Society of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery (GSO/HNS) is the recipient of the 2017 BOG Model Society Award. The GSO/HNS is well-represented on the BOG by Elizabeth A. Shaw, MD (BOG Governor), Jimmy J. Brown, DDS, MD (BOG Legislative Representative), and Anita Sethna, MD (BOG Socioeconomic & Grassroots Representative).

The GSO/HNS is active in the community by providing two education (CME) meetings per year and an annual oral cancer screening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway during a NASCAR event where nearly 500 people are screened. In addition to consistent involvement in federal legislative issues impacting the specialty, GSO/HNS members are engaged in advocacy at the state level, including efforts on an OTC Hearing Aid bill (SB 183) and a controversial “balance billing” proposal (SB 8).

BOG Practitioner Excellence Award

The Practitioner Excellence Award recognizes the prototypical clinical otolaryngologist one wishes to emulate and an individual who is sought out by other physicians because of his/her personal and effective patient care. In addition to these clinical skills, the nominee must possess one or more of the following attributes: civic leadership; charitable activity; leadership involvement with local, state, regional, or national medical organizations; community education; or engagement in other local community activities.

The 2017 BOG Practitioner Excellence Award is presented to Wendy B. Stern, MD. Dr. Stern has managed to build a thriving solo practice in an underserved area of Massachusetts while also raising a family and serving the specialty of otolaryngology in several capacities. She has given of her time tirelessly in service to the Academy, as Secretary and Chair of the BOG, a member of the Board of Directors (BOD), Chair of the Media and Public Relations Committee, a member of the Guidelines Task Force, and consistent supporter of the Millennium Society and ENT PAC, to name a few. In addition, she has been a member and officer in the New England and Massachusetts Otolaryngology Societies.

She is caring and supportive to her patients and colleagues, an effective and inspiring leader, and a mentor to women and young otolaryngologists. Dr. Stern gives back to her community by producing educational media for oral cancer awareness and World Voice Day.

Please join the BOG to honor the award recipients during the BOG General Assembly, from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm CDT, Monday, September 11, in Room E450B during the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience.