Published: August 2, 2017

BOG Candidate Statements: Chair-Elect | Ken Yanagisawa, MD

What strategies do you recommend to provide value to and engage the non-academic otolaryngologist in the BOG and the Academy in general?

YanagisawaWhat strategies do you recommend to provide value to and engage the non-academic otolaryngologist in the BOG and the Academy in general?

With governmental, insurance, and societal pressures in full force exerting extraordinary demands on our time, tolerance, and skill set acquisitions, physician ability to focus on providing excellent patient care has been unduly challenged. The BOG offers the shining light to help guide us through these turbulent times.

BOG and Academy membership permits us to identify, discuss, and resolve myriad issues we face to then fight and advocate on our behalf with a unified voice. The BOG represents the “grass-roots” physicians—in-person, telephone, and online discussions permit deliberation, and ultimately consensus. Family otolaryngology is comprised of both non-academic and academic providers and must respect and value each other’s needs, and then engage together. I will ensure that the issues and challenges facing busy practitioners are heard and represented and to communicate the BOG’s efforts and results in these meaningful projects and battles back to the providers.

How would you promote increased local/national BOG society involvement and promote increased membership in the Academy?

Success attracts success and promotes participation and engagement. In Connecticut, our State Society has consistently delivered member value and benefits, keeping all physicians abreast of legislative and socioeconomic concerns with a team that includes our dedicated physicians, executive director, Society counsel, and a corps of supportive defense attorneys. All officers of our Society are assigned as BOG officers and enthusiasts. Our young physician members are offered societal financial support to attend BOG national events and then to report back at our meetings. Early exposure fosters awareness and continued participation.

Academy involvement requires communication of the multitude of projects that our Academy is undertaking on our behalf and demonstrating the immense benefits of these activities. I would assure that the voice of grassroots members is heard and would work to bring all members into cohesive actions so that we can better enjoy our practices, our patients, and our lives.

The positions of Chair-Elect and Secretary will be elected by the voting members of the BOG (i.e., Governors or Alternate Governors) present at the BOG General Assembly from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm on Monday, September 11, in Chicago, IL. BOG meeting participants are encouraged to exercise this opportunity, however, no proxy votes are permitted.

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