Published: August 2, 2017

BOG Candidate Statements: Secretary | Samantha Anne, MD

How would you work to make the BOG more successful in its core missions?

AnneHow would you work to make the BOG more successful in its core missions?

The core missions of the Board of Governors (BOG) are to serve as an advisory body to the Boards of Directors (BOD) and to serve as a liaison between state societies and membership. In addition, BOG’s role is to engage our society membership on matters pertaining to our practice, such as economic or political concerns.

The key to achieving these missions is communication. As BOG secretary, my goal is to promote open communication and conversation between our Academy membership and BOG. ENTConnect serves an important conduit and connection between our members. I will work to ensure that membership will have the opportunity to voice any concerns and questions through this open forum by asking for input when appropriate and posing topics for discussion as needed.

In addition, each state and local society has contact information maintained through the BOG; this will serve as a means to communicate with these crucial governing bodies. Essentially, every member simply must have a voice within and accessibility to our Academy, and my goal is to use various social media avenues to engage the membership to allow for free communication and equal representation.

How would you organize the annual BOG Miniseminar, and what topics would you like to see presented?

With the current climate of medicine in flux, with ever-changing healthcare reimbursement and regulations, it is ever more important to be aware and educated about these nuances. The topics that I would like to see presented will focus on understanding these regulations and requirements. The panels will be structured to include experts on reimbursement from the Academy, such as members of 3P, legal experts, and legislators.

Another focus would be on how patient outcomes, quality metrics, and patient perceptions on social media play into our current practice. This Miniseminar would include web-based media experts and speakers from Reg-entSM, the Foundation’s clinical data registry and patient safety and quality improvement committee.

My goal is to create a Miniseminar that presents highly engaging, educational, and pertinent topics relevant to the practice of otolaryngology, whether in private or academic setting.

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