Published: August 2, 2017

BOG Candidate Statements: Secretary | Troy D. Woodard, MD

How would you work to make  the BOG more successful in its core mission?

WoodardHow would you work to make the BOG more successful in its core mission?

The BOG has a vital role within our AAO-HNS, and its success is dependent on the engagement of its members. The BOG is the liaison between the Board of Directors and the members of the AAO-HNS. It also provides an avenue to recommend programs and policies for the AAO-HNS. Unfortunately, many of our Academy’s members are unaware of the BOG’s purpose and responsibilities.

As a result, I will work to improve our education and outreach. We should require all BOG society reps to give semi-annual reports about the BOG’s activities to their respective societies. The BOG should also have a forum to allow our members to electronically voice their concerns, provide suggestions, and volunteer for any initiatives. Once implemented, I believe that these changes will help our membership feel welcomed, keep them informed, and ensure that their voices are being heard.

How would you organize the annual BOG Miniseminar, and what topics would you like to see presented?

As BOG secretary, I would strive to develop a successful Miniseminar that is attractive to all members of the AAO-HNS and ensure that it includes information on topics that impact our society. Additionally, the Miniseminar should provide benefit and equip our audience with tools to implement a positive change in their practice. There are two topics that will benefit our membership.

One topic, “How to Prepare Your Practice for Healthcare Reform,” would include a panel of academicians and private practitioners. Each panelist will present strategies to comprehend and adhere to healthcare reform requirements while focusing on improving quality and reducing costs. Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session. Secondly, many of our practices are venturing into the expanding role of office procedures. Proper coding for these procedures can be daunting and perplexing. An alternative topic would provide the ins and outs of sinus surgery and office-based procedure coding.

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