AAO-HNS/F committees earn Excellence Awards

September 2016 - Vol. 35, No. 8

The Ethics, the Humanitarian Efforts, and the Rhinology and Allergy  Education committees have received the Committee Excellence Awards. We thank these and all the committee participants for the extraordinary contributions made to the specialty.

The Ethics Committee, chaired by Susan D. McCammon, MD, was noted for its expertise in research-complicated topics. A highlight of the committee’s work was a review of the Expert Witness Testimony Policy. The committee’s recommendations, including a comprehensive plan to address education and compliance, were approved by the AAO-HNS/F Board of Directors. The committee also presented a Miniseminar and an Instructional Course at the AAO-HNSF 2015 Annual Meeting & OTO EXPOSM.

The Humanitarian Efforts Committee, chaired by Susan R. Cordes, MD, established a humanitarian forum on ENT Connect, and formed work groups that reviewed resident/fellow travel grant applications and revised the travel grant application and instruction form; focused on soliciting Annual Meeting submissions for the committee and changing the format of the Humanitarian Open Forum; and developed  an interactive map and database of the  humanitarian efforts of Academy Members.

The Rhinology and Allergy Education Committee, chaired by Brent A. Senior, MD, is credited with developing 47 rhinology and allergy education activities for AcademyU®, which were the result of 12 separate projects and developed out of the gaps analysis  completed last year. The committee also  contributed to the Home Study Course, Rhinology and Allergy Review Instruction Course and Faculty Development courses.