Published: August 24, 2016

AcademyU® is Value 4U

Value 4U, the Academy’s commitment to its Members, promises to provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful, especially in today’s ever-evolving healthcare environment.

Value 4U, the Academy’s commitment to its Members, promises to provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful, especially in today’s ever-evolving healthcare environment.

AcademyU® professes this commitment: We care for you, so that you can care for patients.

With the launch of the new AcademyU in 2015, a new value-based pricing strategy was launched to improve the financial sustainability of the AAO-HNSF education program; provide higher quality education products through technology and innovation; and, most importantly, demonstrate to Members the economic and learning value of Foundation education products.

Market research tells us that consumers of medical education measure value based on a number of factors, including the reputation of and access to the content experts; peer-to-peer interaction; applicability to their practice; and availability of continuing education credit.

Education provided by the Foundation is developed by content experts across all eight specialties through the work of the Education Committees and under the leadership of the Education Steering Committee. These content experts are friends and colleagues sharing their knowledge and expertise with their fellow otolaryngologists.

Each Annual Meeting & OTO EXPOSM offers many opportunities for networking with your peers in both formal and informal education settings. And, the ENTConnect Open Forum is a great way to converse with your fellow Members on a wide range of topics that are of critical importance to the specialty.

New this year, all the education activities offered by the Foundation—from the Annual Meeting to Online Education—are based on Member-identified education and learning needs. We address the most current and cutting edge topics because you need to provide the best patient care now and in the future.

As you know, the Foundation is accredited with commendation through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (CME). The majority of our education portfolio offers CME credit in order for you to address both American Board of Otolaryngology certification and state licensing requirements.

In a recent Membership Education Survey, Members told us that the Foundation education program:

  • Fulfills a continuing education requirement
  • Keeps them up to date
  • Teaches new skills
  • Is easy to access or use
  • Is from a trusted or reliable source

More than 80 percent of Members felt that the education program:

  • Increases knowledge of current research advances
  • Improves competence in performing diagnostics and treatment
  • Enhances practice skills for high quality healthcare

In 2014, Members spoke and the Academy listened when you told us that your ideal learning resource would be accessible, self-paced, interactive, easily digested, and customized. The new AcademyU offers many features that meet these characteristics.

Accessible: AcademyU has responsive design making it accessible on all devices.

Self-paced: AcademyU Learning Platform is available 24/7; activities can be started and stopped as you wish.

Interactive: COOL courses and Patient Management Perspectives Self-Assessments provide case-based scenarios to test your skills.

Easily Digested: AcademyU has a robust search function for easily finding the education topic you are looking for.

Customized: Activities in AcademyU include practice gap-based education across eight specialties.

The economic value of AcademyU can be found in the following:

  • A 30 percent Member discount on all AcademyU activities; Member residents receive an additional 30 percent discount.
  • HSC+ allows residents to receive open access to AcademyU for a reasonable annual fee.
  • Individual Home Study Course sections available for purchase.
  • COOL courses free to medical students completing otolaryngology rotations.
  • SPAO members receive discounts on the ENT for the PA-C webcasts.
  • Clinical Fundamentals reduced pricing to make more affordable to residents and MOC participants.
  • Patient Management Perspectives available for individual purchase.
  • Members receive six free 2016 Annual Meeting webcasts.
  • AcademyQ CME offers CME credit for specialty-specific bundles.

With more than 500 activities and 700 CME credits available—all discounted for Academy Members—isn’t it time you took a look at AcademyU?

AcademyU®: your home for Annual Meeting webcasts
As you read this issue of the Bulletin, we are busily preparing AcademyU® to host all of the Annual Meeting webcasts.
If you take a look at AcademyU right now, you will find more than 200 webcasts from the 2014 and 2015 Annual Meetings  already available for viewing.
During the 2016 Annual Meeting  & OTO EXPOSM, we will be working  diligently to record more than 300 Annual Meeting sessions and publish the webcasts on AcademyU within 24 hours of their presentation.
Purchasing the webcasts is now easier than ever as well. Purchase the full package of Annual Meeting webcasts before or during the meeting at a discounted price and access all webcasts in AcademyU, where you will find more than 200 other online education opportunities that will help you meet your professional development needs.
Visit now to see for yourself.

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