Your Academy around the world

April 2019 – Vol. 38, No. 3

International Steering Committee Report

J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD
AAO-HNSF Coordinator for International Affairs

2019 Joint Meetings

16th Middle East Otolaryngology Conference and Exhibition
April 25 – 27, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10th Singapore Allergy & Rhinology Conference
April 25 – 28, Singapore

International Congress of ORL-HNS 2019
April 25 – 28, Seoul, South Korea

LXIX Congreso Nacional de la Sociedad Mexicana de ORL CCC
April 30 – May 5, Mazatlán, Mexico

10th International Surgical Sleep Society Meeting
May 10 – 11, New York, New York

Caribbean Association & the ENT in the Caribbean, Past, Present, & Future Conference
May 11 -16, Kingston, Jamaica

X Venezuelan Triological Otolaryngology Conference
May 23 – 25, Caracas, Venezuela

3rd African Head and Neck Society Annual Conference
May 24 – 27, Harare, Zimbabwe

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head & Neck Surgery
May 29 – June 1, Berlin, Germany

18th Latin American Congress of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery
June 20 – 22, Quito, Ecuador

V Pan-American Otolaryngology Course and Conference
August 14 – 16, Asunción, Paraguay

18th ASEAN ORL-HNS Congress
August 23-25, Singapore

18th Congresso da Fundação Otorrinolaringologia
August 29-31, São Paulo, Brazil

5th International Salivary Gland Congress
October 25-26, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2020 Joint Meetings

International Congress of ORL-HNS 2020
April 17 – 19, Seoul, South Korea

British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology (BACO) 2020
July 8 – 10, Birmingham, United Kingdom

50th Brazilian Meeting of Otorhinolaryngology
November 19 – 22, São Paulo, Brazil

Since its inception, the AAO-HNSF has cultivated ties to national otolaryngology societies and similar organizations around the world. AAO-HNSF assigns great importance to these relationships, which collectively advance the otolaryngology specialty in ways no one society can achieve alone.

Past Coordinator for International Affairs, Eugene N. Myers, MD, developed a unique program of International Corresponding Societies (ICS) that affiliate with the Academy on a peer-to-peer level. ICS leaders meet informally with AAO-HNS/F leaders for discussions on issues of mutual interest and form the delegative body of the International Advisory Board’s (IAB) General Assembly. (

Starting with the Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery in 1997, the ICS-affiliated network has grown to 71 societies worldwide. We are pleased to welcome ENT UK, the Society of Polish Otorhinolaryngologists, Phoniatrists and Audiologists, and the Balkan Society of Otorhinolaryngology that joined the ICS network in 2018.

The following 2019-2020 Joint Meetings schedule lists conferences or meetings jointly organized or endorsed by AAO-HNSF and in partnership with our ICS affiliates. For more information about the meetings and to apply to serve as volunteer faculty, contact