Published: April 1, 2019

Candidate Statements – Audit Committee

What is your particular experience or interest that would make you an affective member of the Audit Committee of the Academy?

Q: What is your particular experience or interest that would make you an effective member of the Audit Committee of the Academy?


Eduardo Diaz Audit Committee

Eduardo M. Diaz Jr., MD

The Academy serves a critical role in supporting the education and development of otolaryngologists.  A strong fiscal foundation is central to the success of the AAO-HNS as it allocates resources for our growth, advocates for our interests, and provides a network through which we provide the best quality care.

Audit provides the tools we need as an organization to make sure we use our resources wisely and plan for future programs. The Audit Committee serves an important role in that it reviews our finances and then provides meaningful insights for leadership into our financial condition.

I feel I am uniquely suited to serve as a member of that committee due to my experience in numerous capacities within the Academy and my role as a Vice President of Development in my home institution, wherein I was required to regularly review financial records and audits as we developed programs, partnered with outside intuitions, and allocated funds within our own institution. My education and experience has provided me with the financial tools needed to understand and interpret financial reports and make meaningful conclusions based on reliable data. It would be my honor to provide this important role to our Academy and its members.

L Frederick Lassen Audit Committee

L. Frederick Lassen, MD

A successful financial auditor has to dig into all aspects of the business and understand the larger environment in which the business operates. As a member of the Audit Committee of the Academy, I can offer expertise in having worked in a variety of roles in private group practice, group employed practice, and government service. I was a senior member of the Finance Committee for a multi-specialty private group practice from 2005 to 2013. Before that, I managed a large and varied budget during my military government service. I believe my know-how in IT and data mining over these many years has provided me the analytical/critical thinking skills to analyze financial data and offer strategic input. In addition, my experiences in a variety of leadership positions have developed communication skills and an ability to tactfully correspond findings to the very top of the organization as well as stakeholders.



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