Published: March 28, 2022

AAO-HNSF 2022 Annual Meeting International Guests of Honor

The AAO-HNSF International Guests of Honor program is a time-honored tradition at the Annual Meeting & OTO Experience where four countries or territories are recognized for their contributions to the specialty and global otolaryngology community.

Logo Sin FondoFederación Argentina de Sociedades de Otorinolaringología

The Federation of Argentine Societies of Otorhinolaryngology (FASO) is a nonprofit, public welfare institution that was founded on June 25, 1947, as an initiative of Dr. Juan Manuel Tato and others. Dr. Tato was a greatly admired figure among the national and international otolaryngology community for his valuable contributions and his professional, teaching, intellectual, and human qualities.

FASO, whose main function is to provide postgraduate teaching and education, is made up of all the ENT societies in the country.

As part of its education activity, FASO organizes the annual Congresses on the specialty, offers different retraining courses, and is one of the academic units of the specialist career dependent on the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires—focusing attention on prevention and treatment of ENT diseases.

Beyond this, FASO works in an integral way for the improvement of the specialty through:

  • Professional recertification
  • Accreditation of residence services in health teams through the Ministry of Health of the Nation
  • Referent of the specialty before the official organisms of Argentina
  • Scientific journal that is included in the Latindex catalog and indexed in the LILACS Database (BIREME - OPS/OMS)
  • Different prevention campaigns, including World Hearing Day, World Day of the Voice, and World Sleep Day

For more information, visit or email or 

Comision Directiva:

Dr. Ernesto Cafaro

Vice Presidente
Dr. Francisco Loiácono

Dr. Federico Di Lella

Pro Secretario
Dr. Carlos Lopez Moris

Dr. Juan Curi

Pro Tesorero
Dr. Gabriel Cavallo

Vocal Titular 1º
Dr. Fernando Romero Orellano

Vocal Titular 2º
Dra. María Verónica Sartori

Vocal Suplente
Dr. Alexander Saenz

Director de Congresos
Dr. Hugo Rodríguez

Logo Jorl HnsJapanese Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

The Japanese Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (JORL-HNS) was founded in 1893 and has a history of 129 years, making it the longest-running medical association among those affiliated with the Japanese Medical Science Federation. The organization has over 11,000 members, and the society is comprised of 15 subspecialty societies related to ORL-HNS. Each society has an annual meeting and an official journal, which contains topics, guidelines, and educational materials in its own field. Each society presents awards for outstanding papers and presentations annually.

Fig AnlAuris Nasus Larynx (ANL) is the official journal of JORL-HNS and accepts high-quality clinical and scientific papers from across the world. The acceptance rate is as low as about 20%, and the impact factor reaches near 1.8. ANL covers a wide range of areas related to otolaryngology, such as otology, neurotology, rhinology, laryngology, head and neck cancer, skull base, balance, voice, swallowing, sleep apnea, pediatric otolaryngology, and airway.

For more information about the Japanese Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, click here. 

Nigeria Logosbase 45Otorhinolaryngological Society of Nigeria (ORLSON)

Otorhinolaryngological Society of Nigeria (ORLSON) was conceived and formed a half century ago as an organization to promote the growth, interests, and other issues related to the practice and training of otolaryngology and otolaryngologists in Nigeria. It was formed by the second generation of ENT surgeons in Nigeria.

Abiodun D. Olusesi, MD ORLSON PresidentAbiodun D. Olusesi, MD
ORLSON President
Currently, the society has about 320 members (full and associate). ORLSON is affiliated with the Pan African Federation of Otorhiolaryngology Societies (PAFOS) and International Federation of Otorhinolaryngological Societies (IFOS) and is also a corresponding society of the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Society. ORLSON currently focuses on development of subspecialization and holds an annual gathering of members for scientific meetings.

The society is delighted to be one of the guest nations of the AAO-HNSF for the 2022 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. For more information about the Otorhinolaryngological Society of Nigeria click here

Seorl LogoSpanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

The Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SEORL) was founded in 1948 and has over 3,000 members currently. In October 2021 the Society's new presidential board took office and focused on the main challenges the specialty is facing, such as the extension training, the incorporation of head and neck surgery as part of the official specialty name in Spain, and the recertification of specialists to ensure the best quality of care.

To achieve these objectives, SEORL is working both at an institutional level, promoting the changes needed at a national and European level, and at the educational level, supporting the highest clinical competence through continuous education and specialized training and carrying out diverse training actions, such as courses, meetings, and apps.

Presidential Board Seorl HnsIn addition to the Society's annual congress, with more than 1,600 ORLS and trainees attending, SEORL has also developed a cross-platform web update tool ( that has entailed a true revolution in education support and encompasses all aspects of the specialty, offering updated information and immediate access.

The SEORL publishes a bimonthly, bilingual journal (Spanish-English), which is a scientific benchmark in the Spanish-speaking scientific community aiming to become a reference for research (

Furthermore, the activities of SEORL go beyond science and education. The Society supports medical-humanitarian missions organized by members (Ethiopia, Central America, Sahel) that bring training and medical assistance to these regions. 

For more information about SEORL, visit

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