Published: June 19, 2023

Best of Orals Showcases Expertise Across the Specialty

Congratulations to these individuals for their abstracts that were selected to be presented during the Best of Orals at #OTOMTG23.

Aao Hns Phl 2022 Su A2014 BaseThe latest research and advances in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery will be presented in Nashville, Tennessee, during the AAO-HNSF 2023 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. From among the hundreds of research presentations submitted for the 2023 Annual Meeting, the Annual Meeting Program Committee, comprised of physician members, selected 16 Scientific Oral Presentations to be presented as the “Best of Orals” on Sunday, October 1, and Monday, October 2. All other Scientific Orals will be presented during the Annual Meeting program at designated times, categorized by specialty area. Additionally, the abstracts accepted during the Late-breaking Call for Science, will be presented on Sunday, October 1, Tuesday, October 3, and Wednesday, October 4. Stay up to date with the schedule offerings on the Annual Meeting website.

The abstracts that were selected to be presented during the Best of Orals at the AAO-HNSF 2023 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience are listed below.

Resident and Medical School Characteristics Associated With Successful Otolaryngology Match
Radhika Duggal, MA, August A. Culbert, BA, Eduardo R. Williams-Medina, BA, Julia T. Tanzo, BS, William S. Tierney, MD, MS

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: Trends in Information-Seeking Behavior
Neelima Panth, MD, MPH, Rema J. Shah, BS, Benjamin L. Judson, MD, Nofrat Schwartz, MD

Early Postoperative PTH Determination as Predictor for Postthyroidectomy Hypocalcemia
Ahmed Sobhy Youssef, MD, PhD, FRCS(Ed), Greg Krempl, MD, Rusha J. Patel, MD

Radiographic Analysis of Outcomes in Feminizing Cranioplasty
Rui Han Liu, MD, Minjee Kim, David A. Shaye, MD

Occult Invasive Disease in Oral Cavity Carcinoma In Situ
Dylan Jacob Cooper, BA, Yonah Ziemba, MD, Lucio Pereira, MD, Bhupesh Parashar, MD, Maged Ghaly, MD, Douglas Frank, MD, Wesley J. Talcott, MD, MBA

Patient Satisfaction With Postoperative Nonopioid Analgesia: A Randomized Trial
Hector A. Perez, MD, Jaibir S. Pannu, MD,  Adebimpe Adebowale, Sara Hebert, Alfred A. Simental Jr., MD, Khanh Nguyen, MD

Prevalence of Coexisting Esophageal Findings in Patients With Zenker Diverticulum
Anastasiya Stasyuk, Maggie A. Kuhn, MD, Nina W. Zhao, MD, MAEd

Gene Therapy for Hearing Loss Due to Otoferlin Deficiency (DB-OTO)
Carleton E. Corrales, MD, Seth Koehler, PhD, Peter Weber, MD, MBA, Yoojin Chung, PhD, Meghan Drummond, PhD, Ning Pan, PhD, Lars Becker, PhD

Vestibular Phenotypes in Patients With Genetic Hearing Loss
Sung Huhn Kim, MD, PhD, Ji Hyuk Han, MD, Seong-Hoon Bae, Jinsei Jung, MD, Jae Young Choi, MD, PhD

Improving Discharge Timing Through Dedicated Suction Machine Delivery
Jean-Nicolas Gallant, MD, PhD, Shreyas G. Krishnapura, BS, Lauren E. Sullivan, BS, David S. Haynes, MD, MMHC, Eben L. Rosenthal, MD, Sarah L. Rohde, MD, MMHC, Marc L. Bennett, MD, MMHC

Is Outpatient Supraglottoplasty Possible? Examination of Perioperative Comorbidities and Outcomes
Courtney Wright, Charles Mullins, BS, Isabella Zaniletti, PhD, Anvesh Kompelli, MD, Gresham T. Richter, MD

Role of Trikafta in Preventing Nasal Polyposis in Cystic Fibrosis
Joseph Montgomery Berry, BS, Camron Davies, MD, Dhruv S. Kothari, Robert J. Yawn, MD, MBA, Sanjeet V. Rangarajan, MD, Meng, Anthony M. Sheyn, MD

Program Factors Associated With Research Productivity for Otolaryngology Residents
James O. Onyeukwu, Peter Steinwald, MD, Christian P. Soneru, MD

e-Cigarettes Exacerbate Allergic Inflammation in OVA-Induced Murine Asthma Model
Yong-Dae Kim, MD, PhD, Young-Ha Lee, MD, PhD, Sang Jae Lee, MD, Sang Jae Lee, MD, Hyung Gyun Na, MD, PhD

Effectiveness of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection in the Olfactory Clefts
Jerome R. Lechien, MD, PhD, MS, Luigi Varia, MD, PhD, MS, Justin Michel, MD, PhD, MS, Paolo Boscolo-Rizzo, MD, Sven Saussez, MD, PhD

Prevalence of Sentinel Central Events During Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy
Julianna Rodin, MD, Manan H. Parekh, BA, Yi Cai, MD, Brendan T. Keenan, MS, Eric R. Thuler, MD, PhD, MBA, Alan R. Schwartz, MD, Raj C. Dedhia, MD, MSC

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