Published: August 26, 2022

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Some recent topics include:

Sinus Radiological Findings in General Asymptomatic Populations: A Systematic Review of Incidental Mucosal Changes, with the senior author of the paper, Richard J. Harvey, MD, PhD, and Associate Editor, Jivianne T. Lee, MD

Health Equity and Diversity in Otolaryngology, with Earl H. Harley, MD, Howard W. Francis, MD, MBA, and Ciersten Burks, MD

Association of Pediatric Hearing Loss and Head Injury in a Population-Based Study, with senior author of the paper, Elliott D. Kozin, MD, and Associate Editor Thomas Q. Gallagher, DO

Objective Improvement After Frenotomy for Posterior Tongue-Tie: A Prospective Randomized Trial, with lead author, Bobak A. Ghaheri, MD, and Associate Editor, Thomas Q. Gallagher, DO

Predictive Pediatric Characteristics for Revision Tonsillectomy After Intracapsular Tonsillectomy, with the senior author of the paper, Richard J. Schmidt, MD, and Associate Editor, Sarah N. Bowe, MD

Cochlear Implantation Hearing Outcome in Ménière’s Disease, with Steven D. Rauch, MD, senior author of the paper  

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