Published: December 12, 2023

Pearls from Your Peers: 2023 Year in Review

From practice management to all subspecialty areas, the Pearls from Your Peers column is the place to learn and connect with experts in the field.

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The Pearls from Your Peers column has become a popular series in the Bulletin since it first debut in February 2021. It is one of many contributions of the extensive network of AAO-HNSF Education Committees and the members who dedicate their time, skills, and expertise to lifelong learning and education for the global otolaryngology-head and neck surgery community. Inclusive of practice management and all subspecialty areas, both interviewers and interviewees have deposited to the knowledge repository provided by the Pearls from Your Peers and the Bulletin.

"As an Education Committee member and now Coordinator for Education, I always look forward to the Pearls from Your Peers columns. These articles give our committee members the opportunity to highlight content experts and innovators across our field,” shared Meredith Merz Lind, MD, AAO-HNSF Coordinator for Education.

Following is a recap of the topics published in 2023.

Vestibular Migraine
Otology & Neurotology Education Committee
Interviewee: Hamid R. Djalilian, MD
Interviewer: Emily K. Gall, MD

Laryngeal Procedures
Laryngology and Bronchoesophagology Education Committee
Interviewee: William S. Tierney, MD, MS, MS
Interviewer: Paul C. Bryson, MD, MBA

Odontogenic Sinusitis
Rhinology and Allergy Education Committee
Interviewee: John R. Craig, MD
Interviewer: Zara M. Patel, MD

Multidisciplinary Management of Pediatric Thyroid Disease
Pediatric Otolaryngology Education Committee
Interviewee: Jeffery C. Rastatter, MD
Interviewer: Kathleen R. Billings, MD

SIM Tank
Simulation Education Committee
Interviewees: Kara Y. Detwiller, MD, and Scott E. Mann, MD
Interviewer: Katherine Kavanagh, MD

Depressor Anguli Oris Myectomy
Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Education Committee
Interviewee: H. Michael Baddour, Jr., MD
Interviewer: G. Nina Lu, MD

Immunotherapy and the Changing Therapeutic Landscape for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Head and Neck Surgery Education Committee
Interviewee: Neil D. Gross, MD
Interviewer: Vikas Mehta, MD, MPH

Functional Septoplasty Surgery
General Otolaryngology and Sleep Education Committee
Interviewee: Andrew Winkler, MD
Interviewer: Cristina Cabrera-Muffly, MD

Bridging the Financial Gap in Otolaryngology: Advocating for Inflation-Linked Reimbursement
Practice Management Education Committee
Interviewee: Lance A. Manning, MD
Interviewee: Betty Tsai Do, MD 

The 2024 series starts from the Head and Neck Surgery Education Committee and addresses the topic head and neck reconstruction with Kevin J. Contrera, MD, MPH, interviewing Matthew E. Spector, MD, about the advances in head and neck reconstruction.

A special thank you to all contributors. If there are topics you would like to see covered in this series, please email