Lauren S. Zaretsky, MD

June 2016 - Vol. 35, No. 05

AM16logo_1inThe Presidential Citations are given to individuals who have had a profound influence on the AAO-HNS/F president’s life and otolaryngology. President Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD, has selected the following individuals for their outstanding contributions and dedication to the Academy and Foundation.

Lauren S. Zaretsky, MD

zaretskyA busy private practice otolaryngologist, physician practice manager, wife and mother of three, and strong leader in the AAO-HNS, Lauren S. Zaretsky, MD, makes “having it all” look effortless. This citation is given in honor of her exacting and tireless work on behalf of Academy Members worldwide, and her frank and honest nature.

Lauren is the ultimate in private practice otolaryngology. She and her husband, Lee M. Shangold, MD, have been in practice together since completing their training. They have three wonderful, creative, funny children. Lauren claims that she was in part-time practice, but I could always find her at the office or in the hospital making rounds on weekends. She not only does the breadth of otolaryngology, but she ran the business end of their five-person practice for years. When Members ask me how they can possibly participate at the Academy when they are in private practice, I just show them a picture of Lauren. She served on the Board of Directors for years, and came to every meeting thoroughly prepared, having read all of the materials and using her sharp memory to keep the Academy and Foundation on the right path. She was chair of the Ethics Committee when our Code of Ethics was rewritten, a prodigious feat that serves all of us very well. Her contributions on the Nominating Committee as Ethics Chair have made our Academy stronger for years to come. Lauren was part of the active conversion of the Women in Otolaryngology Committee to a section, and has remained in a very important advisory role there. She unfailingly attends local and regional scientific programs, every AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting, and is a leader in the Long Island Society of Otolaryngology. She currently works with ENT and Allergy Associates there.

An aspect of Lauren that you might not glean from her CV is that she is an outstanding consigliere. I heard once that when you speak your dreams, they become goals. A few years ago, I whispered to Lauren and to the late Linda Brodsky that I thought I’d like to become Academy President. Boom! They turned that right into a goal. Their advice and encouragement, both when I was feeling confident and especially when I was hesitant, allowed me to lay out my rationale and my plan. With friends like Lauren, it’s hard to go wrong. I am delighted to be able to present my friend and a true otolaryngology leader, Dr. Lauren Zaretsky, with this Presidential Citation.