Published: January 17, 2023

READ ALL ABOUT IT: Bulletin Transitions from a Print and Digital Publication to DIGITAL ONLY in 2023

For those members who receive the print Bulletin, the December 2022 – January 2023 issue, Vol. 41, No. 11 will be the last print edition.

Bulletinscreen 29Tina Maggio, AAO-HNS/F Director, Publications and Public Outreach, Bulletin Managing Editor

In this digital age of expanded opportunities for content value, delivery, and global accessibility, the AAO-HNS Board of Directors, during the September meeting, approved the transition of the Bulletin production from its existing print and digital publication formats to a digital-only product, starting with the February 2023 issue. 

This decision builds off the foundation of the Bulletin’s existing digital footprint and reader engagement and familiarity with the online Bulletin. The Bulletin content gets distributed monthly via the electronic table of contents (eTOC). Over the past three years, we have seen the eTOC open rate progressively grow with the 2022 average open rate sitting at 50.25% (Figure 1). This open rate is 26.55% higher than the average email open rate in the healthcare category.

Figure 1: Bulletin eTOC past 3-year digital engagement.Figure 1: Bulletin eTOC past 3-year digital engagement.What can READERS expect in the transition year to digital only?

  • Timely, real-time content
  • Incorporation of multimedia to enhance content
  • Better, more flexible production schedules for contributors
  • Familiarity with current digital access of the Bulletin
  • Feedback requests on Bulletin content, content types, and delivery 
  • Opportunity for increased content (number of articles)

What can CONTRIBUTORS expect in the transition year to digital only? 

  • Better, more flexible production schedules
  • More opportunity to contribute (expand ed author pool) due to flexible production schedule
  • Additional mediums to deliver content, such as video
  • Opportunity to go more in-depth on topics

How will the digital Bulletin be delivered? 

1. Bulletin eTOC delivered via email the first Monday of every month, which will include:

  • Column from the President
  • Column from the Executive Vice President and CEO
  • Updates and News from AAO-HNS/F Committees and Sections 
  • Stakeholders and specialty societies updates 
  • Spotlights on members
  • Pearls from Your Peers Series
  • Tech Talk Series
  • Feature articles related to clinical topics, practice management issues, and patient care resources
  • Information related to the AAO-HNS/F programs and services including Advocacy, Education, Membership and Global Affairs, Communications, Research and Quality, and the Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. 
  • And MORE! 

2. Bulletin EXTRA delivered via email the third Monday of every month, which will include:

  • Breaking news and updates impacting you, your practice, and your patients
  • Guest columnists breaking down the state of healthcare and hot topics
  • In-depth coverage of clinical topics 
  • More on practice management and the business of medicine
  • And MORE! 

3. Bulletin online website, which will host the following:

  • Current issue and late-breaking timely updates
  • Archives of past digital and print issues
  • Classifieds / Courses / Events
  • Robust search function

In 2023 you will begin to see us incorporate more video, animation, and podcasts into the delivery of content. Utilizing the digital space that a fully online Bulletin affords us, we will be better able to incorporate, measure, and evaluate the utilization of this type of content by the membership. This is essential in guiding us, “to reach our goal of providing members what they want, when they want it, and how they prefer to receive it,” as James C. Denneny III, MD, Executive Vice President and CEO, noted in his November Bulletin (Vol. 41 No. 10) column, “Re-imagining the Bulletin for the Future” at  

What's Next?

As the transition to digital only occurs, the Academy and Bulletin staff will simultaneously work to:

  • Gather member and contributor feedback throughout 2023 by way of surveys and focus groups
  • Further enhance the value of digital content in both topic and medium based on feedback
  • Define the long-term strategic direction of the Bulletin to maintain flexibility and value to readers based on what we learn in the 2023 transition year

For those members who receive the print Bulletin, the December 2022 – January 2023 issue, Vol. 41, No. 11 will be the last print edition. As with all AAO-HNS/F publications and outreach, it is important to keep your email address up to date and current in your member profile. Go to to confirm your contact details are correct. Please share your feedback and content ideas:


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