Published: July 27, 2015

The Academy’s New Technology Pathway process

Here’s how to apply for a new or revised CPT code

Here’s how to apply for a new or revised CPT code pathwayThe AAO-HNS New Technology Pathway starts by completing the “New or Revised CPT Code Application,” an internal Academy document available at The AAO-HNS has updated its policies and procedures to address requests to create a new code, revise an existing code, or receive guidance on how to code for new technology. For the AAO-HNS statement on new technology and information about communication procedures and lobbying policies, please see the “AAO-HNS New Technology Pathway Requests Policies and Procedures” document at The policies and procedures document requires the AAO-HNS New or Revised CPT Code Application be submitted to the Academy 180 days prior to the AMA deadline for submission of CPT proposals. For consideration at the May 2016 CPT Meeting, the Academy would need to receive the application no later than December 29, 2015. Requests are reviewed by Jane T. Dillon, MD, MBA, Coordinator for Socioeconomic Affairs, and Co-chair for the Physician Payment Policy Workgroup (3P), who oversees the new technology pathway process, and the Academy’s CPT and RUC teams. Dr. Dillon then shares the application with the 3P workgroup, which is the senior advisory body to Academy leadership and staff on issues related to socioeconomic advocacy, regulatory activity, coding/reimbursement, and practice services/management. The 3P workgroup, including the Academy’s CPT and RUC physician leaders, evaluates inquiries. If 3P approves the application to move forward, the Academy will support the application as it moves through the CPT and RUC processes (for more information on the CPT/RUC process access: We are confident the AAO-HNS New Technology Pathway addresses such requests in a manner that is clearly defined, consistent with AMA CPT and RUC guidelines, accounts for the interests and perspectives of all parties involved in submitting and reviewing applications, and protects against undue influence of any group or individual, encourages the collection of reliable data, and promotes efficient, fair reimbursement for our members and appropriate access to new procedures and services for patients. Inquiring parties, including physicians and industry representatives, should send the completed package to the Academy’s Health Policy team. at

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