Published: May 14, 2024

Aging-related Disorders and Conditions

Treating common geriatric disorders is an essential part of otolaryngological care. offers resources for your patients and their caregivers to address the challenges of aging.

Elderly Patient Stock Photo (for Your Patients)Caring for older patients is commonplace in many otolaryngology practices. Otolaryngologists see firsthand how changes and challenges in hearing, speaking, swallowing, and more can lead to isolation and, potentially, cognitive decline. Understanding and treating common disorders affecting the geriatric patient population is an essential part of otolaryngological care. is dedicated to helping patients. The content is developed by AAO-HNS members, and information is delivered via peer-reviewed articles, video content featuring clinicians, and more.

Ent offers information for your patients on these age-related topics and more:

New! “Understanding Balance and Maintaining Independence for Older Adults”
Falls Prevention for Older Adults

Aging and Swallowing
Dry Mouth Syndrome
Hyposmia and Anosmia
Genes and Hearing Loss
How to Find the Right Hearing Aid for You
OTC Hearing Aids FAQs
FAQs about Age-related Hearing Loss
The Impact of Age-related Hearing Loss

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