Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD

April 2017 - Vol. 36, No. 3

Q: How would you strengthen our grassroots activities to protect our specialty from legislation that would undermine our mission? What life lessons in your career would you use to identify and strengthen portions of our strategic plan to improve our membership’s future?

I deeply appreciate this nomination. If elected, I will do my best to take the Academy to the forefront of patient care, academic excellence, and political activation.

Today, the superior practice of otolaryngology alone is not enough; it puts us in a cocoon. We are impacted by constantly changing rules and regulations, changing political climates, and bureaucracies. To maintain an excellent standard of care, we need to monitor these changes and aggressively formulate and advocate our perspective so we can move forward with our work.

Modalities, such as ENTConnect, the ENT Advocacy Network, and the BOG, serve their purpose well. How would I strengthen these activities?

  1. I would approach, encourage, and persuade our colleagues—especially the younger generation—to actively engage and understand the current legislative trends and how they would impact our practice of ENT and then contribute meaningfully to the Academy’s actions.
  2. I have the time, ability, and sensitivity to track demographic and social trends. I can be the EYES and EARS of the Academy. I would learn, understand, and work with the board, focusing on the critical issues that impact us and formulate plans to effect a change.

Life Lessons that would help me achieve these goals:

  • Networking and diplomatic persuasion are constant needs in fostering engagement and influence. I have the ability to connect with my peers, proven as chair of the International Committee and coordinator for Development. I can persuade and encourage and am confident that I will be able to recruit newer colleagues into a participatory role.
  • Giving back to the community has been my pet project. I have established several scholarships at the Academy. That also speaks for a fundraising capability.
  • As past president of hospital medical staff, I have successfully navigated delicate situations.

I would be honored to serve, and I humbly seek your support.