Academy’s enduring advocacy for patient hearing

April 2017 - Vol. 36, No. 3

Times and technology have changed, but the Academy has remained committed to patients, receiving proper medical examinations for hearing loss, as evidenced by the following statements made 44 years apart.

September 11, 1973: Robert J. Ruben, MD, testified before the U.S. Senate’s Special Committee on Aging concerning hearing aids and the older American. From the Congressional Record, p. 217:

“It is extremely important that the individual be properly examined, to make sure there are no medically treatable causes of the hearing loss, or that there are no underlying life threatening diseases, which may manifest themselves with hearing loss.”

To access the full record of Dr. Ruben’s testimony, please visit: and click on “Hearing Aids and the Older American: Part 2.”

January 31, 2017: AAO-HNS letter to the Food and Drug Administration regarding conditions for sale of air conduction hearing aids:

“…the AAO-HNS stands by its recommendation regarding the benefits of a medical evaluation by a physician, followed by a standardized hearing test (via a hearing health professional or appropriate online/technological source) BEFORE an individual purchases any type of basic hearing aid or other FDA-regulated assistive hearing device.”

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