Published: May 27, 2021

Thank You to the 2021 ENT PAC First 50

ENT PAC, the political action committee of the AAO-HNS, is a nonpartisan, issue-driven entity.

EntpacENT PAC, the political action committee of the AAO-HNS, is a nonpartisan, issue-driven entity that supplements the Academy’s legislative advocacy efforts and helps to increase the visibility of the specialty on Capitol Hill and with key policymakers. The ENT PAC Board of Advisors and staff are grateful for the 50 contributors who committed at least $1,000 to ENT PAC through the “First 50” campaign.

The First 50 campaign helps ensure the Academy can actively engage on issues critical to the specialty. First 50 contributors receive exclusive access to a 2021 conference call series with high-ranking individuals from Congress or the Administration. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact ENT PAC staff at

The Academy would like to thank the following 2021 First 50 contributors for their dedication and financial support of the advocacy efforts on behalf of the specialty:

Leadership Club
Eugene G. Brown III, MD
Paul M. Imber, DO
Madan N. Kandula, MD
Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD, MPH, MBA
Christopher K. Sinha, MD

Chairman’s Club
Michael A. Alexiou, MD
J. Noble Anderson, Jr., MD
Douglas D. Backous, MD
Cristina Baldassari, MD
Richard J. Brauer, MD
Jeffrey S. Brown, MD
CY Joseph Chang, MD
Andrea C. Chiaramonte, MD
Ajay E. Chitkara, MD
Susan R. Cordes, MD
Andrew M. Coughlin, MD
Stephen P. Cragle, MD
Nathan A. Deckard, MD
Laura L. Downey, MD
David R. Edelstein, MD
Lee D. Eisenberg, MD, MPH
D. Scott Fortune, MD
Paul C. Frake, MD
Paulino E. Goco, MD
Daniel R. Gold, MD
Vincent F. Honrubia, MD
Jon E. Isaacson, MD
Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH
Romaine F. Johnson, MD
Ken Kazahaya, MD, MBA
Jeffrey J. Kuhn, MD
J. Scott Magnuson, MD
Creed K. Mamikunian, MD
R. Peter Manes, MD
Lance A. Manning, MD
Mariel Prawzinsky, MD
Matthew D. Scarlett, MD
Scott R. Schoem, MD
Michael D. Seidman, MD
Gavin Setzen, MD
Elizabeth A. Shaw, MD
Matthew Smith, MD
Gary M. Snyder, MD
Joseph Spiegel, MD
Jonathan Y. Ting, MD
Ken Yanagisawa, MD
Kathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD, MSA
Mark K. Wax, MD
Steven E. West, MD
Ray Winicki, MD