Published: May 26, 2021

Milestone Moments

Each month, AAO-HNS highlights memorable moments in the history of the Academy.

November 14, 1984: The first formalized AAO-HNS Legislative Briefing Day was organized. 

1988: The Legislative Key Docs Program was created. It included a key contact in each state who tracked legislation affecting otolaryngology. Now referred to as the State Trackers Network, this program has grown to 173 physician volunteers who worked on 2,290 state legislative and regulatory proposals in 2020. 

1989: The AAO-HNS Health Policy Commission was formed. 

1995: ENT PAC was formed under the leadership of Eugene N. Myers, MD, FRCS Edin (Hon), and chaired by John A. Devany, MD.

2002: The Physician Payment Policy (3P) Workgroup was formed to coordinate payment activities and actions including code updates. 03 Milestone Moment Caphill 203 Milestone Moment Caphill 1