Rhinology recap

August 2019 – Vol. 38, No. 7

American Rhinological Society report

James N. Palmer, MD, ARS President

Greetings from the American Rhinologic Society. We just completed the RhinoWorld Chicago 2019 meeting during the first week of June, and it was a great success—five days of the best of rhinology and related fields. This meeting brought the world of rhinology to the United States, as the cohosts were the American Rhinologic Society (ARS), the International Rhinologic Society (IRS), and the International Society on Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN). Brent A. Senior, MD, President-Elect of the IRS, and Robert C. Kern, MD, President-Elect of ARS and ISIAN, partnered with many other rhinologists to put together a meeting that served as a milestone in rhinologic teaching and research. The ARS also took the opportunity to welcome its new Executive Vice President, Mickey Stewart, MD, MPH, who began his new term at the beginning of the meeting.

The meeting kicked off with the ARS Summer Sinus Symposium, organized by Greg E. Davis, MD, MPH, Doug D. Reh, MD, and Marc G. Dubin, MD, which covered state-of-the-art clinical rhinology, including dissection sessions for international and national attendees that were proctored by an impressive array of faculty. Sarah C. Wise, MD, Christine B. Franzese, MD, and Kevin McMains, MD, crafted a new Allergy and Immunology program that ran for two days and will serve as a springboard for new research ideas and implementation. J. Regan Thomas, MD, graciously organized a comprehensive set of rhinoplasty teaching sessions. David A. Gudis, MD, Hassan H. Ramadan, MD, MSc, and Aaron N. Pearlman, MD, put together the Pediatric Rhinology program that filled in many of the growing areas of discussion in that field. Jivianne Lee, MD, and the Women in Rhinology Section of the ARS helped raise money for the meeting, cosponsoring a breakfast and a cocktail reception as well as sponsoring an open session titled, “Life Hacks for Success.” The Program Committee for the entire meeting, including David B. Conley, MD, and Rick K. Chandra, MD, who will be serving again for our fall AAO-HNS program, masterfully coordinated all of the above initiatives and also arranged for the presentation of over 200 research abstracts. Winners of the research awards included Zhipeng Li, MD, Victoria Lee, MD, Daniel Beswick, MD, and Peter Papagiannopoulos, MD.

We would like to thank the many ARS members and international faculty who volunteered their time and effort to serve as faculty and share their knowledge and advanced clinical care. Wendi Perez, Susan Arias, and Tammy Lorimer from the ARS and Polly Rossi and her staff from “Meeting Achievements” worked tirelessly before, during, and after the meeting to provide a program that ran like clockwork. Highlights from the social program included a faculty dinner from the top of the Willis Tower, 100 stories above Chicago, IL, and a Gala Dinner at the Field Museum, featuring a Blues Brothers cover band. All of the participating societies want to especially thank the MVP and General Secretary of the entire meeting, Kevin C. Welch, MD, whose organizational skills are unparalleled. We would also like to thank our industry partners, without whose support meetings such as this would be impossible. We look forward to reviewing the advancements that will come forward from RhinoWorld Chicago and look forward to meeting you in New Orleans, LA!