July 2020 – Vol. 39, No. 6

The Outcomes Research and Evidence-Based Medicine (OREBM) Committee, under the leadership of Vikas Mehta, MD, MPH, continues to provide expertise in the areas of health services research and evidence-based medicine, including outcomes and comparative effectiveness research generally and specifically in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.

Throughout the 2019-2020 committee cycle, the OREBM Committee has worked toward completion of new important activities specific to AAO-HNS/F. Most notably, the OREBM Committee members reviewed existing outcome tools to ensure that they are the most useful and as up to date as possible, in addition to ensuring that the tools are easy to use and easily captured electronically. These activities are intended to keep information for our members current and useful in practice. To review the list of outcome tools, please refer to the AAO-HNS website. This work is ongoing.

Additionally, the OREBM Committee continues to contribute to 2020 activities which include:

  • Publication spotlights for inclusion in the AAO-HNSF Bulletin. These articles highlight current publications with significant findings for clinical or surgical practice in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. The authors provide concise summaries of significant findings that can positively alter current practice. The featured publication spotlights included:
  • Preparation for several Panel Presentations at the AAO-HNSF 2020 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience in Boston, Massachusetts. Upcoming presentations sponsored by OREBM include:
    • From Vapor to Venture: How to Build and Sustain Something Big; Panelists: Jennifer J. Shin, MD, SM (Moderator), Robert T. Satalof, MD, DMA, Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD, MPH, MBA, Robert J. Ruben, MD
    • Recent Publications That Could Change Your Practice in Pediatric, General Otolaryngology, and Head and Neck Surgery; Panelists: Jennifer J. Shin, MD, SM (Moderator), Michael G. Stewart, MD, MPH, Scott Brietzke, MD, MPH, Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH
    • Kids Today: Rapid Review of Guidelines and Consensus Statements; Panelists: Debra G. Weinberger, MD (Moderator), Jennifer J. Shin, MD, SM, David H. Darrow, MD, DDS, David E. Tunkel, MD
    • Are You Up To Date? Key Otolaryngology Systematic Reviews Part 1; Panelists: Cristina Cabrera-Muffly (Moderator), MD, Carrie L. Francis, MD, Alan Kominsky, MD, Jeffrey D. Sharon, MD
    • Are You Up To Date? Key Otolaryngology Systematic Reviews Part 2; Panelists: Cristina Cabrera-Muffly (Moderator), MD, Stephanie Joe, MD, Christopher M. Johnson, MD, Vikas Mehta, MD, MPH
    • Controversies in Parotid Surgery: Is There Evidence? Part 1; Panelists: Richard V. Smith, MD (Moderator), Samir Khariwala, MD, Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH, Carol R. Bradford, MD
    • HPV Status: Updates in Head and Neck Cancer; Panelists: Antoine Eskander, MD, ScM, FRCSC (Moderator), Eric Monteiro, MD, MSc, Anthony C. Nichols, MD, John R. De Almeida, MD
    • Opioid Sparing Strategies in Otolaryngology: Approaches to Eliminate Opioids; Panelists: Heather M. Weinreich, MD (Moderator), Vikas Mehta, MD, MPH, John D. Cramer, MD, David H. Chi, MD
    • To Care is Human: Navigating the Pathway from Burnout to Surgeon Wellness and Resilience; Panelists: Michael J. Brenner, MD (Moderator), Michael D. Seidman, MD, Dana M. Thompson, MD, MS, Matthew Smith, MD
    • Do you Juul? Vaping and Related Emerging Public Health Threats in Otolaryngology; Panelists: Karthik Balakrishnan, MD, MPH (Moderator), Robert K. Jackler, MD, Michael J. Brenner, MD, Ryan M. Collar, MD
    • Cultural Competency Training to Achieve Health Equity in Otolaryngology; Panelists: David J. Brown, MD (Moderator), Carol R. Bradford, MD, Emily F. Boss, MD, MPH, Andrew Prince
    • OREBM Committee Meeting: Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 2:30 – 3:30 pm.

Through this work, the OREBM Committee continues to serve our members by contributing to and participating in key initiatives of the AAO-HNS/F and the otolaryngology and head and neck subspecialties.