A special thank you to those who serve on the ENThealth.org Executive Committee and the individual CHDGs

November 2018 – Vol. 37, No. 10

The work and commitment of these individuals to the vision of ENThealth.org has been essential to the project. As with any site, the work continues as more resources and content is created for patients seeking information on ENT-related health conditions.

The Executive Committee includes:

(to date)
Samantha Anne, MD
Philip G. Chen, MD
James C. Denneny III, MD
Kristine McGriff, COPM
Brian J. McKinnon, MD, MBA
Spencer C. Payne, MD
Gregory W. Randolph, MD
Duane J. Taylor, MD
VyVy N. Young, MD

The Consumer Health Development Group includes:

(to date)
Cristina Baldassari, MD
Ryan H. Belcher, MD
Marc L. Bennett, MD
Yael Bensoussan, MD
Selena E. Briggs, MD, MBA, PhD
Jennifer Brooks, MD
Eugene G. Brown III, MD
Erin J. Buczek, MD
Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD
Susan R. Cordes, MD
Zainab Farzal, MD
Stephen R. Favrot, MD
Charles Wesley Ford, Jr., MD
D. Scott Fortune, MD
William Z. Gao, MD
Charles Anthony Hughes, MD, MBA, MPH
Ofer Jacobowitz, MD, PhD
Nausheen Jamal, MD
Ken Kazahaya, MD, MBA
Priya D. Krishna, MD
Anil K. Lalwani, MD
Kenneth Lee, MD
Whitney Elizabeth Liddy, MD
Stanley Yung-Chuan Liu, MD, DDS
Lyndsay Madden, DO
Cherie-Ann Nathan, MD
Erin O’Brien, MD
Kourosh Parham, MD, PhD
Noah P. Parker, MD
Steve M. Parnes, MD
Phillip K. Pellitteri, DO
Colleen T. Plein, MD
Lindsay Reder, MD
Sara L. Richer, MD
Maisie L. Shindo, MD
Michael C. Singer, MD
Libby J. Smith, DO
Alyssa R. Terk, MD
Betty S. Tsai Do, MD
Dale A. Tylor, MD, MPH
Randal S. Weber, MD
Cameron C. Wick, MD
Sarah K. Wise, MD
Troy D. Woodard, MD
Yu-Lan Mary Ying, MD
Nora W. Perkins, MD (symptom checker medical expert)

Pilot Groups and Committee Contributors:

Special acknowledgment to members of the AAO-HNS Airway and Swallowing, Hearing, Voice, and Rhinology and Paranasal Sinus Committees who contributed to the development of patient health information during the lead-up to this website.