Published: November 1, 2018

Help your patients Be ENT Smart, the new dynamic patient health website from the AAO-HNSF, provides a much-sought-after roadmap for consumers navigating ENT health-related symptoms and conditions for themselves and their loved ones.

Ent Health Logo, the new dynamic patient health website from the AAO-HNSF, provides a much-sought-after roadmap for consumers navigating ENT health-related symptoms and conditions for themselves and their loved ones. The site positions the AAO-HNS/F as THE trusted source for patient-centered otolaryngology-head and neck surgery information.

As physicians encounter more patients who have turned to the internet for medical information, it is clear there is a satiable appetite for reliable, consumer-focused content that is easily available online.

Enter The site that puts the ENT patient first.

A community dedicated to helping patients. Consumers will benefit from our community of experts and the site’s plain language information delivered via peer-reviewed articles, interactive features, and video content featuring physicians.

Authoritative information designed to demystify otolaryngology. The site presents information in a way that informs consumers and helps them understand the medical discipline and the wide variety of conditions and diseases treated by otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons.

Communicating interconnectivity can lead to better understanding. Communicating that many ENT conditions can present as a symptom in one area of the body, but may, in fact, be attributed to another area is a key goal of Clearly show- casing the interrelated aspects of these areas of human anatomy will be critical to increasing patient knowledge of potential underlying issues.

Overall, includes many features that have been developed to serve you and your patients, keeping individuals engaged in their healthcare process and journey. The content offers an understanding of the breadth and depth of “What’s an ENT?,” provides clinician-reviewed information on ENT conditions and diseases, and highlights prevention and wellness articles that lead to “Be ENT Smart” healthy tips and habits.

Be ENT Smart

Iac Ad With Connections

This section features articles on wellness and prevention, quick tips for staying ENT healthy, topical news stories, details on types of treatment, materials for ENT-related health observances, latest research and clinical practice guidelines, and more.

What’s an ENT?

  • A video resource to share with current and new patients, explaining the area of clinical expertise of an otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon.
  • The website aims to promote public understanding of the otolaryngology-head and neck surgery specialty, increasing awareness of the breadth and diversity of the types of conditions and diseases treated by the specialty.

Find an ENT

A best-in-class physician directory connecting patients with AAO-HNS members. Executive Committee and Consumer Health Development Groups

The website content continues to be developed by your peers through a governance structure that includes teams of clinician experts, referred to as Consumer Health Development Groups (CHDGs). An Executive Committee, composed of clinical experts, provides guidance and oversight.

Conditions and treatments

There are a number of ways visitors can easily access the clinician-developed, copyrighted information related to symptoms, conditions, and treatments of the ear, nose, throat, and head and neck.

  • Conditions A-Z — a quick-reference dictionary of ENT-related conditions and treatments
  • Symptom Checker to navigate possible causes of what they and/or their loved ones are experiencing (Coming Soon!)
  • It’s All Connected — a unique visual module where visitors can explore the holistic view of the interrelationships between many ENT conditions
  • Search Function
  • Anatomical Pages

Licensing and downloading of content from

The transition of the Academy’s patient health information to its own dedicated website will also include a new licensing and printing program in January 2019. This will be in the form of a subscription program that will offer both co-branded, downloadable PDF patient hand-outs as well as the online content for your practice website in real-time of automatically updated content.

Other engagement opportunities

Quizzes and polls let visitors test their knowledge about ENT topics; and easy-to-share pages with icons on each page make it simple to click and share content through social media or print at home.

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