Published: December 1, 2021

Have You Recently Served on a Humanitarian Mission? The Bulletin Wants to Hear from You!

03 Spotlight Humanitarian Efforts RgbThe Bulletin’s Spotlight on Humanitarian Efforts recognizes AAO-HNS members who contribute their time and expertise to otolaryngologic patient needs around the globe. These individuals demonstrate integrity and devotion to humanity through a self-giving spirit. They are outstanding models to emulate in fostering a global otolaryngology community. Have you recently volunteered for a United States-based or global humanitarian mission or planning to travel soon? We want to hear from you about your experiences for publication in a future issue of the Bulletin and for posting on the Academy's website. Supporting members who provide patient care in low-resourced areas is a priority of the AAO-HNSF International Affairs Program. Email to learn more about this opportunity.

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