Published: August 2, 2021

Self-Care in Healthcare

Join Neha Sangwan, MD, for an interactive keynote experience during the Opening Ceremony of the AAO-HNSF 2021 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience

Don’t miss this special event at 8:00 am (PT) on Sunday, October 3.

Every year, we get asked to do more with less. In order to excel under pressure, we must expand our perspective, foster synergistic collaboration, and encourage creativity and innovation. Get ready to discover your superpowers and gain clarity on how to engage with the most challenging personalities in your life. 

Neha Sangwan, MDNeha Sangwan, MD

About Dr. Sangwan:

Dr. Sangwan’s style is informative, experiential, and inspiring.  Both a physician and engineer by training, she is CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, a leadership consulting firm. Through combining the science of medicine with the art of communication, her innovative program, the i-Five Experience™, uses scientifically proven techniques to reduce stress, build resilience, and foster individual and team accountability. A gifted speaker, she uses storytelling from her experiences in both the corporate world and on the front lines of patient care to spark breakthroughs for others. 

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