Published: March 26, 2021

Candidate Statements | At-Large Director: Academic (Four-Year Term)

Select one from the two candidates for At-Large Director: Academic (Four-Year Term).

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Questions Posed to the Candidates

  • What do you see as the essential task of the Directors and in what ways are you well suited to that role? 
  • What do you think is the most important issue that our Academy is currently facing?

Cherie-Ann O. Nathan, MDCherie-Ann O. Nathan, MDCherie-Ann O. Nathan, MD

Peter Drucker: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing.” We are emerging from one of the most disruptive events—a devastating pandemic that has impacted everyone. The world has changed dramatically, and the Academy as a world leader of our specialty is faced with the task of leading in the aftermath of this crisis. 

My journey from a young international research assistant at Johns Hopkins University to the department chair has given me a unique perspective on practice, research, and education in a collaborative setting. The crisis has brought the world closer through virtual meetings, and we have a great opportunity to be the leader for the world in all these areas, including mentorship.

We need visionary, hardworking, reputed leaders, listeners, and effective communicators who can continue to help the Academy be the powerhouse that unifies and leads the diverse world ENT community. As one of the few minority female chairs leading a highly productive academic department that works closely with private and public hospitals in rural and urban areas in Louisiana, I believe I am uniquely equipped to help enact. 

If given the opportunity, I will work hard on strengthening the bonds between academics and private practice while broadening our horizons in terms of gender empowerment and diversity, and incorporating the latest technologies with greater emphasis on our mission, which is always putting our patients and their wellness first.

Adapting and leading in the post-pandemic world is our highest priority at the moment. We have a unique opportunity to provide access to every corner of the world in terms of outstanding patient care, educational opportunities, and mentorship programs. I envision the Academy embracing the latest technologies in terms of apps, servers, robotics, and AI to become the global hub collaborating with all the societies and organizations. 

Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMARobert T. Sataloff, MD, DMARobert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA

The essential task of an At-Large Director is to identify and help fulfill the needs of our specialty, while expanding recognition of the Academy’s relevance and engaging otolaryngologists (academic and private) in our national organization. I hope to help by providing perspectives gleaned from a 40-year career in academic otolaryngology integrated with a self-employed clinical practice model.

As professor and chair and senior associate dean at Drexel University, I am employed for academic and leadership activities, but my clinical practice is independent. While being active academically (more than 1,000 publications, including 69 books, and journal editor), I have advocated for private practice interests. I also serve as the Academy’s representative to the AMA for impairment (AMA Guides), spent more than 20 years on the Voice Committee (six as Chair), served as a member and Chair of the Geriatric Committee, have served on the Board of Governors for 16 years, have taught Academy courses, and presented papers and seminars for four decades. I have served in numerous other leadership capacities for the Academy and the specialty including president of the American Laryngological Association, president of the American Society of Geriatric Otolaryngology, president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (PAO-HNS), and others. I remain active on the PAO-HNS Council and am involved actively in legislative and political advocacy on behalf of otolaryngologists. In addition, I proposed and helped initiate the AAO-HNS/F annual leadership meeting of state society presidents and executive directors.

I support all of the objectives in the Academy’s strategic plan, but the most important is “quality.”  Developing and promulgating excellence is the foundation upon which all of our initiatives must be built, and doing so in the current environment is the most important issue that the Academy is facing.

I would be honored to help.