Published: December 4, 2019

2018-2019 AAO-HNS/F committee listing and highlights

Committees are the lifeblood of the AAO-HNS/F and a great way for members to contribute meaningfully to the organization and the specialty. At the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience in New Orleans, LA, committees met and discussed achievements during the past year and planned for 2020.

Committees are the lifeblood of the AAO-HNS/F and a great way for members to contribute meaningfully to the organization and the specialty. At the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience in New Orleans, LA, committees met and discussed achievements during the past year and planned for 2020. Below are just a few of the highlights from some of the committees during the 2018-2019 term. To view a list of current committee members, please visit

To join a committee, visit  and fill out an application before January 1, 2020.



Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Committee
William R. Blythe, MD, Chair

Audit Committee
Jerome Thompson, MD, MBA, Chair

  • Met via conference call in August 2019 to discuss audit planning with the independent accounting firm and met again in late October 2019 to review the FY19 audit with staff and the independent auditors
  • Completed the consolidated financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2019 (FY19) after the Annual Meeting and a “clean opinion” was provided by the independent audit firm
  • The audited financial statements and annual tax returns are available to anyone requesting access. Contact Carrie Hanlon ( for requests

Education Steering Committee
Richard V. Smith, MD, Coordinator for Education
Jeffrey P. Simons, MD, Coordinator for Education, elect

  • Completed OTOSource, the single-source online repository for otolaryngology education. More than 200 otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons authored 226 modules for the 11 subspecialty units. This was a monumental effort initiated in 2015 under the direction of Sonya Malekzadeh, MD, and developed by the Comprehensive Curriculum Task Force and Work Group, composed of representatives from all otolaryngology subspecialty societies. The AAO-HNSF Education Committees are currently working on adding annotated surgical procedure videos for 170 topics, an important addition to traditional offerings
  • Collaborated with ABOHNS on the following initiatives:
    • In August 2018, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (ABOHNS) announced a new collaboration to expand opportunities for ABOHNS diplomates to receive Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit by participating in accredited continuing medical education (CME). Through this collaboration, the AAO-HNSF offers MOC credit for new and current CME activities in AcademyU and at the Annual Meeting
    • In addition, beginning in 2020, the Academy will award 10 CME/MOC credits annually for diplomates participating in ABOHNS CertLink™. This new education initiative will also enable diplomates the ability to seamlessly access AcademyU activities to address specific knowledge gaps
  • Released the 2019 AcademyQ – Set with 350+ questions developed through the Item Writing Group
  • Developed four new Faculty Development Course:
    • Strategies for Effective Meetings
    • Best Practices for Reviewing and Critiquing Scientific Articles
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Simulation Primer
  • Translated three PMP courses into Spanish to expand global education:
    • Acufeno Pulsátil en el Adulto
    • Diagnóstico y tratamiento del paciente con cáncer de orofaringe VPH positive
    • Rinosinusitis en Adultos
  • Gained 2,545 Member+ subscribers through the 2019 subscription campaign, surpassing last year

Ethics Committee
Roger D. Cole, MD, Chair

  • Developed an AAO-HNS Anti-Discrimination Policy, which replaced the Gender Equity Policy
  • Revised one section of Code of Ethics per request of Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Approved revisions to the Financial Disclosure Form
  • Presented at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience the following Panel Presentation:
    • What Matters in the End: Care at the End of Life in Otolaryngology
    • Counseling, Shared Decision-Making, and Palliative Surgery, (a joint submission from the Ethics Committee, Head and Neck Surgery Education Committee, Geriatric Otolaryngology Committee)

Finance & Investment Subcommittee (FISC)
Kenneth Altman, MD, Secretary-Treasurer

  • Worked with staff to develop a balanced FY20 budget (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020), which was approved by the BODs in April 2019
  • Met on a quarterly basis to review financial statements, forecasts, and budget to actual variances and reviewed the annual audit and report of the Audit Committee
  • Met with AAO-HNS/F’s professional investment advisors in September to review with them performance results for the managed investment portfolio which was a positive return of approximately 4.5% for the fiscal year
  • Moved cash reserves over the course of the fiscal year from the operating checking accounts to professional investment management. The goal of the FISC is to maintain not more than 25% of the budget in checking accounts for operations

International Steering Committee
Pablo Stolovitzky, MD, Coordinator for International Affairs, Chair

  • Increased bidirectional engagement of global otolaryngology community
    • Conducted 15 joint meetings in collaboration with International Corresponding Societies (ICS) affiliated network
    • Increased attendance and participation of ICS at the International Advisory Board (IAB) General Assembly meeting in New Orleans
    • Enhanced exchange and interaction among global ENT societies and AAO-HNS members at regional roundtable discussion groups, in addition to International Women’s Caucus, and International Young Physician’s Forum at Annual Meeting
  • Developed and launched new format of the International e-Newsletter focused on enhanced education resources, videos and Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery and OTO Open articles, expanded offerings of CPGs and AcademyU© courses in the Spanish language made available to global community
  • Developed international volunteer faculty database to facilitate assemblage of scientific panels for global joint meetings
  • Increased funding and opportunities for International Visiting Scholarships (IVS) in 2019 resulting in the largest number of awards conferred in recent years: 16 IVS awarded, representing 11 countries
  • International membership increased by 25% over 2018 reported number

Nominating Committee
Gavin Setzen, MD, Chair

Physician Payment Policy (3P) Work Group
Peter Manes, MD, Chair

Science and Education Committee
Mark K. Wax, MD, Chair



Annual Meeting Program Committee
Mark K. Wax, MD, Chair

  • Delivered the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience program with a broad mix of learning formats and cutting-edge topics. The program included:
    • 261 Expert Series
    • 138 Panel Presentations
    • 514 Scientific Posters
    • 330 Scientific Orals
    • 9 Late-Breaking Abstract (NEW)
    • 24 Master of Surgery Video Presentations
    • 53 International Symposium
  • Pilot tested scheduling Scientific and Clinical Basic Science Oral abstracts during the committee break and Guest Lecture time slots
  • Launched the Young Physician Pavilion in the OTO Experience geared toward connecting medical students and young physicians with mentors in the field of private practice, academics, career development, and leadership



Airway and Swallowing Committee
Maggie A. Kuhn, MD, Chair

Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Committee
Rajesh S. Kakani, MD, Chair

  • Sponsored three Panel Presentations at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience:
    • Allergy: It’s Not Just the Nose!
    • Blow-by-Blow: Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment in the Otolaryngologist’s Office
    • Inflammatory and Immunology Considerations in the Complex Rhinologic Patient
  • Submitted a Clinical Consensus Statement (CCS) Information and Topic Form on the proposed topic of Biologic Implementation in Treatment of Otorhinolaryngologic Disease

Complementary/Integrative Medicine Committee
Todd E. Falcone, MD, Chair

  • Received a 2019 Committee Excellence Award
  • Sponsored two Panel Presentations at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience:
    • Caring for the Caregiver: Physician Safety and Body Mechanics
    • To the Point: Acupuncture for Tonsillectomy Pain with Live Demo

Credentials and Membership Committee
Cecille G. Sulman, MD, Chair

Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DIC)
Cristina Cabrera-Muffly, MD, Chair

  • Contributed the following Bulletin articles:
    • May 2019, “Diversity – Hijabs and the head and neck physical exam”
    • September 2019, “Quality care for the transgender patient”
  • Updated language in the anti-discrimination policy:
    • The words gender and gender identity were in parentheses. The statement was changed to have these two items separated by a comma to focus on their importance
  • Awarded the following grants:
    • Diversity Endowment URM Away Rotation Grant recipients (Claude Nganzeu , MD and Khaled Campa , MD)
    • Harry Barnes Travel Grant recipient (Nneoma S. Wamkpah, MD)
  • Contributed to the program of the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience:
    • Held a DIC social event
    • Supported four diversity related programs presented at the Annual Meeting

Endocrine Surgery Committee
David L. Steward, MD, Chair

Equilibrium Committee
Michael E. Hoffer, MD, Chair

  • Completed the Meniere’s Disease Clinical Practice Guideline with leadership from the Equilibrium Committee
  • Contributed two successful Panel Presentations at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience on vestibular migraine and vestibular physical therapy
  • Partnered with the American Neurotology Society to develop a list of key references and resources for neurotology trainees
  • Participated in the development of a new published diagnostic guideline from the Barany Society on Presbyvestibulopathy

Geriatrics Otolaryngology Committee
Allan M. Rubin, MD, PhD, Chair
Steven M. Parnes, MD, Acting Chair

  • Supported the following AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience Expert Series and Panel Presentations:
    • Over-the-Counter Hearing Care: Current and Future Innovations to Help You and Your Patients
    • Counseling, Shared Decision-Making, and Palliative Surgery
  • Discussed progress of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid legislation, particularly how to make OTC hearing aids safe, available, and affordable for older patients
  • Reviewed Clinical Consensus Statement on Falls. Recommended that the Committee consider proposing a Position Paper on Falls, as well as contributing related content to the Academy’s patient education website,
  • Reported that three out of the four Age-related Hearing Loss measures for Reg-ent that were discussed at the 2018 Committee meeting passed

Head and Neck Surgery & Oncology Committee
Derrick T. Lin, MD, Chair

Hearing Committee
Oliver F. Adunka, MD, Chair

  • Sponsored four Panel Presentations at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience:
    • Over-the-Counter Hearing Care: Current and Future Innovations to Help You and Your Patients
    • Clinical Practice Guideline: Ménière’s Disease
    • The Spectrum of Implantable Hearing Devices: Indications and Outcomes
    • Hearing Loss in Older Adults: A Public Health Imperative
  • Had representation work groups for the AAO-HNSF Clinical Consensus Statement: Balloon Dilation of the Eustachian Tube and the AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guideline: Meniere’s Disease

Imaging Committee
Russell B. Smith, MD, Chair

Implantable Hearing Devices Committee
Fred F. Telischi, MDD, MD, Chair

  • Sponsored one Panel Presentation at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience:
    • The Spectrum of Implantable Hearing Devices: Indications and Outcomes (co-endorsed by the Hearing Committee)

Infectious Disease Committee
Ken Kazahaya, MD, MBA, Chair

Laryngology and Bronchoesophagology Education Committee
Thomas L. Carroll, MD, Chair

  • Authored modules for

Media and Public Relations Committee
Philip G. Chen, MD, Chair

  • Completed a draft of the “Guidance for Use of Online Social Networks” document. Once fully reviewed and approved, this document will serve as a reference guide to assist otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons in using social media sites safely and responsibly
  • Collaborated with AAO-HNS Pediatrics Otolaryngology Committees in coordinating and developing public outreach activities, information, and materials for Kids ENT Health Month.
  • In keeping with the committee charge of providing peer review for public education materials, the Chair of the Media and PR Committee, Philip G. Chen, MD, serves on the executive committee.

Medical Devices and Drugs Committee
Davud Baradaran Sirjani, MD, Chair

Medical Informatics Committee
Jayde M. Steckowych, MD, Chair

Microvascular Committee
Samir Khariwala, MD, Chair

Otolaryngology Veterans Affairs Committee
Edward M. Weaver, MD, MPH, Chair

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Committee
Emily F. Boss, MD, MPH, Co-Chair; and, C.W. David Chang, MD, Co-Chair

  • Sponsored/co-sponsored 8 panel presentations at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience on the topics of choosing wisely in OHNS, assessing clinical practice using QI, scary cases, opioid sparing strategies, improving OR safety and quality, enhanced recover after surgery, office/OR equipment disinfection and storage, and surgical competency
  • Contributed four articles in the Bulletin on the topics of the opioids crisis, surgical ergonomics, resident education in PSQI, and postop debrief tracking
  • Submitted the opioid and analgesia prescribing topic for development into a CPG/CCS, and it was accepted by the Guideline Task Force for development into a single-specialty CPG
  • Created a survey on sentinel events, which was submitted for approval to be distributed to AAO-HNS members
  • Represented AAO-HNSF at the ACS Surgical Quality Alliance and on the CMS Technical Expert Panel on Improvement Activities in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System

Pediatric Otolaryngology Committee
Robert H. Chun, MD, Chair

  • Assisted in the development of the “In-office tube placement” Position Statement
  • Performed policy review for Adjustable Cranial Orthoses for Positional Plagiocephaly and Craniosynostoses
  • Developed a Position Statement for Care of Children with Congenital CMV with Ethics and Otology Committee
  • Reviewed CPG for Epistaxis
  • Developed a Bulletin article for Kids ENT month article on the topic of anklyoglossia
  • Sponsored the following Panel Presentations at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience:
    • Progressive Pediatric SNHL
    • Eosinophilic Esophagitis in Children: What is the Role of the Otolaryngologist
    • Thyroid Nodules: Beyond the Guidelines

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Committee
Robin W. Lindsay, MD, Chair

Rhinology & Paranasal Sinus Committee
Andrew Lane, MD, Chair

Skull Base Surgery Committee
John C. Goddard, MD, Chair

Sleep Disorders Committee
Cristina Baldassari, MD, Co-Chair
Jennifer C. Hsia, MD

Trauma Committee
Neal D. Futran, MD, DMD, Chair

  • The Society of Military Otolaryngologists and the Trauma Committee jointly held the annual Trauma Symposium, September 14, 2019, which featured “Modern Management of H&N Trauma: Non-Vascularized Grafts” and “Trauma Care in the Developing World.”  In addition to continuing medical education (CME) sessions, the event–for military and civilian attendees–included a reception, dinner, a DoD Hearing Center of Excellence update, awards, and displays
  • Committee Chair, Dr. Neal Futran, participated in several Annual Meeting sessions including the following:
    • Management of Ballistic and Avulsive Injuries to the Head and Neck
    • Current Trends in Computer-Aided Reconstruction
    • Principles in the Surgical Treatment of Midface Reconstruction

Voice Committee
VyVy Young, MD, Chair

  • Developed a Bulletin article, social media materials, and messaging for World Voice Day 2019, Be Kind with Your Voice.
  • Contributed content for the Throat section of
  • Gathered and provided feedback on laser-safe endotracheal tubes
  • Provided feedback on billing and coding issues for bilateral awake vocal fold injections and bilateral thyroplasty



Development Committee
Lee D. Eisenberg, MD, MPH, Chair

History and Archives Committee
Tulio A. Valdez, MD, Chair

  • Held the Otolaryngology Historical Forum on September 16 during the 2019 Annual Meeting
    • Presented three history-themed abstracts
  • Hosted dinner with Charles Mudry, PhD, for a presentation to committee members and invited guests

Humanitarian Efforts Committee
Mark E. Zafereo, MD, Chair

  • Hosted the Humanitarian Efforts Forum at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience, which featured keynotes by Brent Senior, MD and Johan Fagan, MD; and presentations by humanitarian travel grant awardees highlighting learnings and impacts of their volunteer service.
  • Recognized distinguished humanitarian awardees for their work on behalf of underserved populations domestically and internationally:
  • Glenn Isaacson, MD, AAO-HNS Distinguished Award for Humanitarian Service
  • David Shaye, MD, MPH, Arnold P. Gold Foundation Award for Humanism in Medicine
  • Johan Fagan, MD, Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD Public Service Award
  • Jose Manuel Colmenarez, MD, Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD Humanitarian Award
  • Awarded 26 residents and fellows-in-training Humanitarian Travel Grants for service in resource-limited countries

Outcomes Research and Evidence-Based Medicine Committee
Vikas Mehta, MD, Chair

Pan-American Committee
Esther Ximena Vivas, MD, Chair

  • Received a 2019 Committee of Excellence Award
  • Participated in the Spanish translation and editorial overview of three AcademyU courses and two Clinical Practice Guidelines:
    • Upper Airway Stimulation for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    • Technical Failure of FESS: Avoidance and Recognition
    • Child with Draining Ear
    • Sudden Hearing Loss
    • Tonsillectomy in Children

Reg-entSM Committee
James C. Denneny III, MD, Chair



Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Education Committee
Scott B. Roofe, MD, Chair

  • Published the Home Study Course section on Plastic and Reconstructive Problems in November 2019
  • Developed several modules for OTOSource

General Otolaryngology and Sleep Education Committee
Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH, Chair

  • Received a 2019 Committee Excellence Award
  • Released the 4th edition of the Primary Care Otolaryngology eBook as a free resource designed to expose all practitioners to the fundamentals of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery
  • Authored modules for
  • Changed the committee name to better represent the efforts of committee and highlight the importance of Sleep Medicine within our specialty
  • Ishman served as the Conference Co-Director for the 9th ENT for the PA-C Conference, providing physician leadership to advanced practice providers

Head and Neck Surgery Education Committee
David M. Cognetti, MD, Chair

  • Published the Home Study Course section on Neoplastic and Inflammatory Diseases of the Head and Neck in February 2019
  • Authored modules for

Otology and Neurotology Education Committee
Marc L. Bennett, MD, Chair

  • Received a 2019 Committee Excellence Award
  • Published the Home Study Course section on Otology and Neurotology in April 2019
  • Authored 33 OTOSource modules for the Otology/Audiology Unit

Pediatric Otolaryngology Education Committee
Jeffrey P. Simons, MD, Chair

  • Received a 2019 Committee Excellence Award
  • Published the Home Study Course section on Congenital and Pediatric Problems in September 2019
  • Authored a new course in AcademyU, titled: Evaluation and Management of an Infant with Noisy Breathing – a Patient Management Perspective Course

Practice Management Education Committee
Lance Manning, MD, Chair

  • Published the Home Study Course section on Practice Management in November 2019
  • Published three new podcasts: MIPS Reporting and Data Collection; A Day in the Life Series: The Academic Setting and Work-Life Balance; and A Day in the Life Series: Life in Private Practice

Rhinology and Allergy Education Committee
Stacey T. Gray, MD, Chair

  • Authored modules for
  • Authored the following new courses in AcademyU: Differential Diagnosis and Evaluation of a Unilateral Sinonasal Mass; Adult with Allergic Rhinitis; and Technical Failures of FESS

Simulation Education Committee
Kelly M. Malloy, MD, Chair

  • Hosted the Worst Case Scenarios Managing OTO Emergencies in Practice Workshop at Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation & Team Training. Designed for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery physicians, young physicians, and residents, this newly revamped pre-conference workshop prepares them for low frequency, high stakes emergency situations that they may not encounter often in their daily routine
  • Supported five accepted proposals presented in the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting scientific program – collaborating with the Rhinology and Allergy Education Committee; the WIO Leadership Development and Mentorship Committee; the Section for Residents and Fellows Committee; and the Diversity Committee
  • As of 2019, the Call for Simulation Abstracts now adheres to the same submission timeline as the scientific program’s Call for Science.
  • Hosted the third annual SIM Tank event, where finalists presented their simulation projects to a panel of expert judges and a live audience:
    • First Place: Bharat Yarlagadda, MD and Fanny Gabrysz-Forget, MD: Validation of a Novel Parotid and Facial Nerve Surgical Simulator
    • Second Place: Tulio A. Valdez, MD; Katherine Kavanagh, MD; Jose Arbouin Vargas, BS; and Mahbuba Tusty, BS: Combined Modular Simulation System for Pediatric Airway Surgery
    • Third Place: Justin R. Shinn, MD; William G. Morrel, MD; Haley Adams; Jack Noble, PhD; Bobby Bodenheimer, PhD; Alejandro Rivas, MD; and Alejandro Rivas, MD: Virtual Reality of the Temporal Bone: Education and Clinical Promise
  • Hosted the fourth annual Simulation Reception and Showcase, highlighting nearly 25 innovative and novel otolaryngology simulation devices and activities. This event is open to the public



Board of Governors Executive Committee
Ken Yanagisawa, MD, Chair

  • Increased awareness of the Board of Governors and its many activities and practitioner opportunities through BOD presentations, Bulletin publications, and ENTConnect posts
  • Simplified and clarified BOG Society representation with definition of 1-2 ALTERNATE GOVERNORS and one Governor per Society, eliminating the confusing titles of Socioeconomic and Grassroots Committee Representative and Legislative Affairs Committee Representative
  • Incorporated ASCENT (the Administrator Support Community for ENT) Private Practice Group as a BOG Society, adding 1,000 new members
  • Developed recommendations, via an AAO-HNS-driven BOG Task Force, which defined involvement and engagement of private practitioners within BOG leadership positions
  • Sponsored two sessions at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience:
    • Opioid Use, Overuse, and Abuse
    • Developing Professional Expertise: Plan, Publish, and Present

BOG Governance and Society Engagement Committee
Daniel L. Wohl, MD, Chair

  • Developed an interactive map profiling state society leadership and contact information
  • Began development of a toolkit for state and specialty society operation, including education development, legislative affairs, and administrative operation
  • Enhanced State OTO Roundtable offerings at the AAO-HNS/F 2019 Leadership Forum & BOG Spring Meeting

BOG Legislative Affairs Committee
David Boisoneau, MD, Chair

  • Guided members through the legislative and advocacy processes
  • Actively engaged with Project 535, I-GO, State Trackers, ENT PAC, and the new exciting Mobile Single Click Legislative Action Alert Option

BOG Nominating Ad Hoc Group Committee
Sanjay R. Parikh, MD, Chair

BOG Socioeconomic & Grassroots Committee
Lance A. Manning, MD, Chair



Section for Residents and Fellows-in-Training
Juliana Bonilla-Velez, MD, Chair

Women in Otolaryngology Committee
Nina S. Yoshpe, MD, Chair

WIO Communications Committee
Vyvy N. Young, MD, Chair; Reena Dhanda Patil, MD, Chair-elect

  • Supported the following Panel Presentation at the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience: #What? A Social Media Primer for Otolaryngologists

WIO Endowment Committee
Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD, Chair

  • The WIO Endowment fund balance was $559,953 on June 30, 2019.  Contributions received or pledged were $7,253 and $19,045 was distributed in grants and awards
  • Received and reviewed seven grant applications and in conjunction with the WIO Governing Council award four (4).  Grant awardees were:
    • Heather Weinreich, MD, ($1,345) for a research study “Implicit Bias in Evaluation of Surgical Residents
    • Megan Durr, MD, Miriam Lango, MD, Selena Briggs, MD, ($7,500) for a “Negotiation Skills for Women in Otolaryngology” seminar/webinars
    • Jenny Chen, MD, Stacey Gray, MD, Elliott Kozin, MD, ($4,000) for “Gender Disparities in Assessments of Surgical Training,” one-year multicenter study
    • Minka Schofield, MD, Angela Powell, MD, and Evelyn Kalyoussef, MD, ($6,200) for History of Women Otolaryngology Video Archive Project
  • Developed WIO2.0 Initiatives Campaign, a yearlong celebration of the 10thanniversary of the WIO Endowment and fundraising campaign to raise $800,000 by AM2020. The WIO2.0 Initiative Campaign was launched at the 2019 Annual Meeting where $107,305 was raised in three days

WIO Leadership Development and Mentorship Committee
Meredith E. Adams, MD; Cecelia E. Schmalbach, MD, Chair-elect

  • Contributed to the program of the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience with the following
    • Collaborated on the development of Negotiating for Women Workshop
    • Supported panel presentation: Implicit Bias Affects Us All

WIO Program and Awards Committee
Evelyne Kalyoussef, MD, Chair

  • Contributed to the program of the AAO-HNSF 2019 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience with the following:
    • WIO General Assembly, including keynote by Dr. Ellen Friedman
    • Five Panel Presentations
    • Presented awards to:
      • Hayley Born, MD – Exemplary Senior Trainee Award
      • Carol R. Bradford, MD – Helen F. Krause, MD Award

WIO Research and Survey Committee
Robin W. Lindsay, MD, Chair; Deepa J. Galaiya, MD, Chair-elect

Young Physicians Section
Cristina Baldassari, MD, Chair

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