WIO2.0 Endowment: Investing in the next decade

October 2019 – Vol. 38, No. 9

Your support of the WIO2.0 Initiatives Campaign helps celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the WIO Endowment Fund that was created in 2010 to provide a perpetual source of funding for projects that championed important issues for all women in otolaryngology.

Since 2010, the WIO Endowment Committee has received 22 WIO grant applications, and has awarded 12 WIO grants, resulting in publications, actional research studies, a self-coaching techniques podcast series, a negotiation skills workshop, and more. Most importantly, women have achieved progress in our field.

But there is more to do. There are many more meritorious WIO projects and programs that could be funded with your donation.  Help us raise $800,000 over the next 12 months by supporting the WIO2.0 Initiatives Campaign.

Your donation to the WIO2.0 Endowment Fund will help sustain and grow a vital source of funding needed to support WIO projects including:

  • Research grants that addresses how women are integrated into mainstream otolaryngology such as parity and equity and work/life integration
  • Programs that provide professional skills training on negotiation, leadership, and managerial skills
  • Online learning tools such as podcasts and webinars that enhance both personal and professional career development
  • Engagement of noted speakers relevant to women’s needs and interests to participate at AAO-HNS WIO Section meetings and functions
  • Expand funded projects such as the Local WIO Chapters and other networking opportunities nationally
  • Continue to lay the foundation for the next generation of women in otolaryngology

Donate now by visiting www.entnet.org/give2wio.