WIO Endowment FY20 Grant Recipients

October 2020 – Vol. 39, No. 9

The WIO Endowment Committee in conjunction with the WIO Governing Council is pleased to announce the following FY20 grant recipients:

Molly N. Huston, MD

“Survey to Assess Current Understanding of Gender Bias in Letters of Recommendation”— a research project that will examine letters of recommendation for otolaryngology residency, comparing how male and female applicants are described.

Amelia F. Drake, MD, and Eileen M. Raynor, MD

“SLAM-DUNC Women in Medicine Program”— a joint leadership skills and career development program offered to ENT women residents and junior faculty in the North Carolina region.

Maria V. Suurna, MD

“Diversity and Inclusion: Academic Faculty Network Analytics” — a project to measure the diversity and, more importantly, the inclusion of female full-time faculty within Weill Cornell Medicine utilizing Organizational Network Analytics technologies to gather social capital data.

Debbie A. Aizenberg, MD

“Pregnancy and Fertility among Female Otolaryngologists” — a research study to investigate female otolaryngologists’ knowledge and attitudes regarding fertility and assisted reproductive technologies as well as an evaluation of otolaryngologists’ experiences and motivations with their own pregnancies.