Why your participation in Reg-ent℠ matters

October 2017 - Vol. 36, No. 09

I am passionate about Reg-ent because it is one of the most important quality initiatives launched by the Foundation to date. It is the first national clinical data repository for otolaryngology head and neck data. I would like to see every member involved and part of the Reg-ent registry.

It is the single best investment for our future and the future of the specialty as a whole. Reg-ent serves to define quality for the specialty. We are:

  • Creating a data repository for research as the volume of data within Reg-ent grows
  • Partnering with the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOto) to have Reg-ent participation assist members with meeting Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements
  • Using data within Reg-ent to help inform new measure development.

The investment of time and subscription and application fees are nominal when compared to the broader benefits to the practice of otolaryngology.

— Lisa E. Ishii, MD, MHS