The OTO Experience

May 2020 – Vol. 39, No. 4

Engage with the OTO Experience this year in Boston and gain valuable insights from our new education theaters, more hands-on training and learning, and greater opportunities for facilitated networking with your peers.

Our COVID-19 experience is teaching us that being on the cutting edge and having access to the latest knowledge in real-time is more important now than ever. Our industry partners have been working together with clinicians to solve the greatest issues being faced during this crisis. Learn what innovations and new processes have come out of this time of discovery and necessary emergency solutions.

The [Re]Connect Lounge will be the central meeting spot for attendees who are looking to network and learn from each other. New technology available for this Annual Meeting will allow you to network and connect with other attendees of interest you identify ahead of the meeting, and the Lounge will be the meeting spot for those exciting face-to-face interactions.

In addition to our Product Theaters that will showcase new products and services available, we will also be hosting the ExcellENT Theater, featuring best-practice tidbits in quickly digestible formats. Stop by to get industry advice on everything from practice management and how to get the most out of telemedicine, to ideas for bringing more procedures into your office setting to maximize efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

Hands-on training is a vital component to your continuing education journey. As new modalities and techniques for delivering procedures and biologics emerge, staying current is more important than ever. Take advantage of several new, easily accessed hands-on labs that will occur on the floor this year from both medical device companies and biotechnology.