#OTOMTG18: Bonus Topics of High Relevance

August 2018 – Vol. 37, No. 7

James C. Denneny III, MD

We have created opportunities during our upcoming AAO-HNSF 2018 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience in Atlanta, Georgia, for late-breaking updates on topics of critical importance to otolaryngologists and their patients. We will have the most current information available for our attendees delivered via “bonus sessions” throughout the meeting.

Sunday, October 7, 8:30 – 9:30 am (ET)

Reg-entSM: Quality and Outcomes, Your Ticket for Success in New Payment Models

We have been working aggressively over the last two years to create a clinical data registry that will help provide our members from all practice settings the tools they need to participate in successor payment and practice models. Since we debuted Reg-ent to our membership in 2016, our goal was to define and measure quality for our specialty. As we enter Phase II of this project, we have the potential to achieve those goals in the near future. So, consider attending the Panel Presentation “Reg-ent: Quality and Outcomes, Your Ticket for Success in New Payment Models.” Immediately following that will be a meeting of our registry “users group.”

Monday, October 8, 8:45 – 9:45 am (ET)

FDA Perspective on OSA: A Growth Area for Otolaryngology

This spring, our Academy participated in an FDA-sponsored workshop on “Study Design Considerations for Devices Including Digital Health Technologies for Sleep Disordered Breathing in Adults.” As a follow-up to the April workshop, we are pleased to offer the Panel Presentation “FDA Perspective on OSA: A Growth Area for Otolaryngology.” This presentation will include a summary of workshop findings, including current status and future opportunities for what, I believe, will be the largest growth area in otolaryngology over the next five years. Eric A. Mann, MD, PhD, an otolaryngologist working for the FDA in this area, will be a participant and available to answer questions and share his thoughts, along with respected leaders in the field, as to the direction the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing will take over the next few years.

Monday, October 8, 1:15 – 2:15 pm (ET)

How the CMS Proposed Rule Affects Your Practice and Patients

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released its proposed rule for 2019 in a 1,500-page document on July 12. There are a number of proposed changes that have the potential to affect your practices at many levels. We will be presenting the Panel Presentation “How the CMS Proposed Rule Affects Your Practice and Patients.” This presentation will include thought leaders from our organization who will answer your questions, and a representative from CMS has been invited to attend. We will also summarize the Academy comments and recommendations to CMS regarding the proposed rule and how we feel it can be improved. Don’t miss this chance to share your opinions with CMS leadership.

Tuesday, October 9, 7:30 – 8:30 am (ET)

How Our Upcoming ENThealth.org Website Will Benefit You and Your Patients

Finally, you won’t want to miss our presentation “How Our Upcoming ENThealth.org Website Will Benefit You and Your Patients.” At Sunday’s Welcome Ceremony and at a bonus Panel Presentation, we will preview and roll out this new patient information website that will strive to be the “trusted source” for patient education materials in otolaryngology. This will include an enhanced “Find an ENT” feature for current and future patients. The new site demonstration may also be viewed at Academy Central in the Registration Hall and at the Portrait Studio in the OTO Experience. While there, you can also have a professional photo taken for the new website.