Legends of Otolaryngology

May 2016 - Vol. 35, No. 04
M. Eugene Tardy, Jr., MD

M. Eugene Tardy, Jr., MD

The AAO-HNSF Legends of Otolaryngology is a new initiative beginning this fall. The Legends of Otolaryngology is a fundraising program that will honor those individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. Our first Legend is M. Eugene Tardy, Jr., MD.

In 1982, as the merger of the AAO-HNS and the ACO formed the AAO-HNS/F, Dr. Tardy was one of its first presidents (preceded by Drs. Pratt, Sisson, Gross, and Boles). He understood the importance of his role. His first Bulletin column began this way, “It is safe to state that we have emerged from a major organizational metamorphosis to create a democratic, professional, and business-like medical specialty organization now well prepared to encounter and exercise judgment and control over the future affairs of the specialty.”

His vision and sense of purpose continued to define Dr. Tardy’s professional life and his influence on this specialty for many years.

During this year’s Annual Meeting, Dr. Tardy will offer the first “Legends” presentation. He plans to engage attendees, departing from the usual state-of-the-art speech to uncover details of a “legend” with which he has long been fascinated: the unimaginable medical aspects of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

“The presentation, will take a story form that follows the expedition chronologically over two years, discussing and illustrating the expected and unexpected medical conditions that could have, but did not, doom the expedition. There will be, of course, an emphasis on otolaryngologic medical events,” he said.

The presentation title and content will be further defined in subsequent publication. Look for it soon, and add it to your meeting calendar.