Hot topics for 2016

May 2016 - Vol. 35, No. 04

trackschartWith such an extensive education program, we have learned that it is easier to navigate when it’s categorized by specialty track. Here are the 2016 tracks.

Business of Medicine/Practice Management

  • Leadership Lessons: Strategies for Success—Samantha Anne, MD, MS; Mona M. Abaza, MD, MS; Carol R. Bradford, MD; John H. Krouse, MD, PhD, MBA; Lee D. Eisenberg, MD, MPH; Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH; Matt Donnelly, MD
  • The Future Is Now, Regent: The First Otolaryngology-Specific Clinical Data Registry—James C. Denneny III, MD (moderator); Lisa E. Ishii, MD, MHS; H. Louise Eddy, MS, CCC-A, FAAA; Tim Parr

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive

  • AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guideline: Rhinoplasty—Lisa E. Ishii, MD, MHS; Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD, MPH; Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH; Gregory J. Basura, MD, PhD; Edward Farrior, MD

General Otolaryngology

  • Best of “Orals” Presentations
  • Ear Pressure and Pain—William H. Slattery, MD; Eric Wilkinson, MD
  • Masters of Surgery Video Presentations
  • Pearls of Dysphagia Management in the Older Patient—Ozlem E. Tulunay-Ugur, MD; Michael Pitman, MD
  • View from the Editors: Peer Review and the Editorial Process—Michael G. Stewart, MD, MPH (moderator); John H. Krouse, MD, PhD, MBA; Jay F. Piccirillo, MD; David W. Kennedy, MD; Ehab Y. N. Hanna, MD; Robert T. Sataloff, MD; Bert W. O’Malley, MD
  • Wow! That’s a Lot of Blood: Expert Management of Epistaxis—David M. Poetker, MD (moderator); Douglas D. Reh, MD; Bradford A. Woodworth, MD

Head and Neck Surgery

  • American Thyroid Association Guidelines and Papillary Cancer Nodes—Gregory W. Randolph, MD


  • It‘s Not Always Reflux: What Are We Missing!—Michael J. Pitman, MD; Johnathan M. Bock, MD


  • A Practical Approach to Assessment of Dizzy Patients—Steven D. Rauch, MD
  • AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guideline (Update): BPPV—Neil Bhattacharyya, MD; Samuel P. Gubbels, MD; Seth R. Schwartz, MD, MPH; Michael Seidman, MD
  • AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guideline (Update): Cerumen Impaction—Seth R. Schwartz, MD, MPH; Anthony E. Magit, MD; Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD, MPH
  • An Evidence-based Approach to Practice Management of Dizzy Patients—David R. Friedland, MD, PhD
  • Endoscopic Ear Surgery: Tips and Pearls—Joao F. Nogueira, MD (moderator); Muaaz Tarabichi, MD; Daniele Marchioni, MD; Livio Presutti, MD; David D. Pothier, MD; Daniel J. Lee, MD; Alejandro Rivas, MD
  • Endoscopic Middle Ear Anatomy—Daniele Marchioni, MD ; Livio Presutti, MD; Muaaz Tarabichi, MD
  • Sudden Hearing Loss: What Every Otolaryngologist Needs to Know—Lawrence Lustig, MD (moderator); Cliff A. Megerian, MD; George B. Wanna, MD; Daniel M. Zeitler, MD; David S. Haynes, MD

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

  • Thinking Differently about Thinking: Improving Your Decision-Making—Ellis M. Arjmand, MD; Karthik Balakrishnan, MD; Daniel L. Wohl, MD; Andrew J. Tompkins, MD; David E. Eibling, MD

Pediatric Otolaryngology

  • Chronic Cough in Children—Samantha Anne, MD, MS; Alessandro De Alarcon, MD, MPH
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Children—Fuad M. Baroody, MD; Hassan Ramadan, MD, MSc


  • Ask the Experts: An Endoscopic Potpourri—David W. Kennedy , MD (moderator); James N. Palmer, MD; Peter H. Hwang, MD; Peter J. Wormald, MD; S. James Zinreich, MD; Eugenia M. Vining, MD
  • Frontal Sinus Surgery: A Stepwise Approach (presented in Spanish)—J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD (moderator); Roy R. Casiano, MD; Ricardo L. Carrau, MD
  • Frontal Sinus Surgery: Basic and Advanced Technique—Roy R. Casiano, MD; Adam J. Folbe, MD

Sleep Medicine

  • Office Management of Snoring in 2016—Scott E. Brietzke, MD, MPH; Peter O’Connor, MD