Future Faces of Otolaryngology

May 2020 – Vol. 39, No. 4

Match Day 2020 was decidedly different from years past. The COVID-19 pandemic meant social distancing and cancelled receptions at medical schools across the country. Instead of opening an envelope surrounded by their peers, professors, family, and friends, this year’s matches opened emails or envelopes at home to find out where they would begin their otolaryngology careers. That didn’t stop the excitement, though. New residents shared their accomplishment and joy virtually through online events and social media.

Match Day 2020 brought many new names and faces to the #IAMOTO family. The Academy welcomed new residents on social media and shared with them our Match Day resource page, which has a welcome video and helpful links to articles and learning modules. A very special thank you goes to all the otolaryngology programs and new residents who tagged, tweeted, and posted their Match Day stories.

Visit http://www.entnet.org/otomatch to see a compilation of the activity.