ENTConnect: Crowdsourced problem-solving, a real member benefit

November 2017 – Vol. 36, No. 10

ENTConnect, the Academy’s member-only social networking site, provides you the opportunity to join other physicians worldwide, collaborate with colleagues, and stay up-to-date with what’s new and exciting in the Academy, and within the specialty. Here are a few reasons why our members log on to ENTConnect:

“ENTConnect allowed me to “pretend” that I belonged to a large ENT group practice even though I have been the only ENT for most of my career in the small community where I live and work. Participating in ENTConnect was invaluable in allowing me the opportunity to glean not only useful clinical pearls from colleagues all over the world, but also share questions that puzzled me during my clinical practice in order to gain wisdom from the masses.”
Christopher Y. Chang, MD
“ENTConnect is our space. It’s where private practice and academic physicians all have a voice and experience to share. We learn every time we see each other’s responses to challenges with regulatory burden or with insurers. These interactions give us modern, on-demand support for these constantly moving targets.”
Erika A. Woodson, MD
“ENTConnect has been a wonderful tool for me. I took several years off from work to stay home with my kids, and as I am re-entering the workforce, I have loved having an online network to get advice from. Our field is a small, scattered group, and this brings everyone together.”
Mary T. Bowden, MD
“I find that ENTConnect is becoming a go to source for practical information that relates to everyday care of my patients. I cannot find this type of information in any other typical setting such as journals or conferences. It’s great to draw on perspectives from across North America and the world, and I often learn new techniques that may improve on our local practices. In addition, the online discussion format makes me comfortable posing questions that I wouldn’t necessarily ask in rounds or in the hallway during busy clinic days.”
Michael E. Gousseau, MD
“Although there are many advantages to being in solo practice, one of the main disadvantages I have found is not having a colleague with whom to discuss that complicated patient or vent about the changes in healthcare. ENTConnect has been an excellent resource for doing those things.”
Julie A. Redmon, MD
“I enjoy ENTConnect for crowdsourced problem-solving. As a physician in a busy private practice, I can easily go to ENTConnect to read responses to old queries and post a new query about issues as they arise. I benefit from the collective intelligence of a bunch of really smart people.”
Christina M. Gillespie, MD