Breaking news: New Reg-ent collaboration

October 2019 – Vol. 38, No. 9


The AAO-HNSF Board of Directors, during their meeting on September 14, in New Orleans, LA, approved a letter of agreement with a new strategic partner for Reg-ent, allowing our clinical data registry to reach its full potential. This agreement and future partnership, with OM1, will incorporate a versatile platform capable of combining and analyzing multiple categories of data that will be instrumental as otolaryngologists define “best care” parameters for our specialty.  This collaboration will help ensure financial stability and sustainability for Reg-ent over the next seven years.

The partnership is an important step in the continued growth and impact of Reg-ent on the specialty and patient care. It expands capabilities, providing financial support and resources for revenue and nonrevenue projects, including academic research, publishing, accelerating trials, and FDA projects.

Reg-ent is in the process of on-boarding the approximately 25 academic practices that have executed contracts with Reg-ent. We have 2,894 clinicians and 497 practices participating in Reg-ent, with de-identified data from millions of unique patients and patient encounters collected. Our first clinical research project begins this fall. This is just the beginning.

To join today and benefit from this new partnership and all that Reg-ent has to offer you, your practice, your patients, and the specialty, visit the Reg-ent website at and contact a member of the Reg-ent staff at