Board approves 10 Position Statements

May 2016 - Vol. 35, No. 04

statementchartPosition Statements are used to designate a statement, policy, or declaration of the American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery and Foundation (AAO-HNS/F) on a particular topic or set of topics. This year at the March Board of Directors meeting, 10 Position Statements (two of which were new) were approved for use in state and federal regulatory or advocacy efforts, or to clarify the AAO-HNS/F approval or disapproval of certain practices in medicine. Beginning in August 2015, nine Academy committees worked in conjunction with the Physician Payment Policy (3P) Workgroup to provide revisions and/or recommend and develop new Position Statements. The following table provides more detail on the approved Position Statements and the Academy committees involved.

AAO-HNS/F Committees are working on 13 more Position Statements to be reviewed at the next Fall and Spring Board of Directors Meetings. New Position Statements are expected to be approved in the upcoming Board of Directors Meetings. If Academy Members are interested in developing new Position Statements, submissions are considered on an ongoing basis. For guidance on creating a new position statement, visit