Published: April 12, 2024

WATCH | Coming in July: The Otolaryngology Core Curriculum

Watch the OCC leadership discuss this game-changing education offering, which will provide the first-ever unified, standardized curriculum representing the breadth and depth of the specialty.

The AAO-HNSF, in partnership with the academic otolaryngology leadership, are excited to announce a game-changing education offering, the Otolaryngology Core Curriculum (OCC). This new online learning platform is designed to ensure that residents have a strong foundation of core knowledge required for otolaryngology practice.

Meredith Merz Lind, MD, AAO-HNSF Coordinator for Education and leader of OCC module development recently interviewed OCC Co-Directors Jeffrey P. Simons, MD, MMM, (OCC leader for AAO-HNSF education), and Sonya Malekzadeh, MD (leader of the OCC Editorial Board), to discuss this unique, collaborative product and how it came about.

This new product, which will launch on July 1, 2024, offers a standardized, unified curriculum to support otolaryngology residents in training, with the potential to also be utilized by:

  • Practicing otolaryngologists and their staff
  • Advanced practice providers
  • Global otolaryngology community

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Otolaryngology Residency Training Program Directors interested in enrolling their residents should contact

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