SPONSORED CONTENT FROM AAO-HNS ACADEMY ADVANTAGE PARTNER: The American Institute of Balance: Become an AIB Center of Specialty Care: Turn good medicine into good business

November 2019 – Vol. 38, No. 10

Patients with complaints of dizziness, vertigo, and fall risk are increasingly seeking care from otolaryngologists. Most of these patients, however, are not candidates for surgical management. This offers a wealth of opportunities to expand and increase nonsurgical, office-based ancillary services, enhance patient care, and generate new revenue sources. Office-based vestibular balance diagnostic services can easily and affordably be operated successfully within small to large ENT group practices.

Think of dizziness-vertigo diagnostics as an independent and profitable revenue center. Diagnostic vestibular codes maintain high reimbursement and significantly improve outcomes for patients needing canalith repositioning, vestibular rehabilitation, and fall risk management. Also, approximately 25 percent of these patients have an undiagnosed and untreated SNHL, of which 25 percent will use hearing aids. This is the benefit of the cross-referrals within office-based vestibular-hearing aid dispensary services.

AIB’s Center of Specialty Care Plan offers the following services and more:

  1. Generate new revenue from existing patients
  2. Minimum space of as little as 100 square feet
  3. Full marketing programs and patient education materials
  4. Connect with over 2,000 AIB certified physical therapists
  5. Ongoing clinical and educational support
  6. Special equipment discounts with 100 percent financing
  7. Use existing personnel or extenders trained by AIB
  8. Exclusive licensing
  9. No franchise fees or percentages taken

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