MedShare impact stories

July 2018 – Vol. 37, No. 6

Thousands of patients treated in rural clinics in Agape, Guatemala

Healthcare workers of Agape in Action treat over 1,000 people each month in this rural area of Guatemala. Of those 1,000 patients, approximately 310 have conditions like hypertension and diabetes. These problems require regular screenings, which is difficult to do in rural areas. But thanks to the sphygmomanometer donated by MedShare, about 60 percent of patients are routinely evaluated and properly monitored to keep conditions in check. Javier Rodriguez, Director of Operations for Agape in Action, thanked MedShare for the ability to treat these underserved communities and provide them with supplies and equipment they would never normally have access to.

Gowns for Gazoby Maternity Hospital, Niamey, Niger

The Gazoby Maternity Hospital in Niamey, Niger, was in dire need of medical protective gear. Before MedShare’s donation arrived, surgeons were wearing torn and tattered gowns during surgery. Much of the protective gear was held together by surgical tape.

“The receipt of this gift of gowns was more than words can even express,” said a hospital representative. “By Wednesday of that week they had been cleaned and readied for our surgeons to wear in the OR. We are so thankful for your organization and your efforts to help us secure the supplies needed for this mission.”

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