Board of Governors: Your 2019 resolution

February 2019 – Vol. 38, No. 1

By the middle of February, nearly 80 percent of individuals have already stumbled in maintaining their New Year’s resolutions. Plus, internet-derived commentary suggests that the reasons for these failures are summed up nicely with the acronym CLIFF, which stands for:

Spencer C. Payne, MD
Chair-Elect, Board of Governors

C Can’t find the time.

LLacking a game plan to keep you going.

IIgnoring your commitment and falling into old patterns.

FFrustrated with lack of early results.

FForgetting why you started.

What does this have to do with otolaryngologists and the Board of Governors (BOG)? Forgive me for  being presumptive, but now that you might have extra time from your failed New Year’s resolution dreams, I would like to ask you to resolve to get more involved in the Academy’s BOG.

As an organization, we have been working on solutions to the CLIFF and are excited to share them with you at the upcoming AAO-HNS/F 2019 Leadership Forum & Spring BOG Meeting.

The meeting will be held April 26-28, in Alexandria, VA. Panels of experts will discuss optimization of advanced practice provider relationships (freeing up your time), mentorship (enlisting help with creating game plans), engagement of younger and senior physicians (mutual commitment assurances), what’s new in the Academy (information regarding the results of current efforts), and networking and social events to remind you all why we got involved in the first place, to help each other provide the best ear, nose, and throat care for our patients. We will also discuss myriad other topics covering sleep hygiene, the effects of microaggressions, legislative updates, and the opioid crisis.

For the third year running, a State Oto Society Roundtable will kick things off. It will begin the afternoon of Friday, April 26. Complementing our prior format of open discussion, we will also feature an expert in direct marketing and membership engagement to help frame the conversations around strengthening our state and local societies.

Oh, and for those of you who have kept that exercise routine going strong, the gym at the Westin Alexandria hotel is quite nice.

See you in April.