AAO-HNSF International Visiting Scholarship Q&A with Rohit Singh, MBBS, MS, DNB, Manipal, India

September 2019 – Vol. 38, No. 8

Dr. Singh received the first AAO-HNSF International Visiting Scholarship for the AAO-HNSF 2010 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience from Gregory W. Randolph, MD, Past President, in Boston, Massachusetts, who was serving as the AAO-HNSF International Coordinator at the time.

“Dr. Singh typifies the wonderful potential of our international colleagues who benefit from this program. We have now a lifelong colleague and friend who has raised the standard of care in his country and continues to form a connection between India and our Academy going forward. In this, Dr. Singh and our Academy change the landscape of global otolaryngology,” said Dr. Randolph.

Dr. Singh spoke with the Bulletin and shared more about his experience and the value of the IVS program for international collaboration in the otolaryngology specialty.

Q What value and benefit did you obtain for you and your practice by attending the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience?

A Singh: A single platform where the world renowned who’s who of ENT comes together is the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. It is rightly coined as an “experience” indeed—an experience to remember and cherish. It’s an ideal meeting to learn the latest protocols, present your work, and network, and it leaves behind memories for a lifetime. I take pride in saying that I went from the 2010 Annual Meeting where I was an IVS recipient to the 2018 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, where I graduated to become guest faculty and conducted an international symposium.

The reach of the IVS Grant Program is dependent upon generous donations to the AAO-HNS foundation. Consider making a donation today of $2,000 in support of an IVS grant by contacting Marylou Forgione, Senior Manager/Development, at mforgione@entnet.org.

Q Tell us about your observership, where it took place and what you focused on.

A Singh: Getting an observership of choice at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School, in Boston, was indeed delightful. Andrea Zwiebel was accommodating, and I was able to get a spot right after the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting. She even helped my wife get an observership in ophthalmology. I shadowed with Ralph B. Metson, MD, who was handling the rhinology program. It was indeed a nice experience to interact with faculty and residents, attend the grand rounds, and spend quality time in the operating room. The interactions we had and the techniques seen and learned were implemented after I got back to my parent institution in Manipal.

QWhat would you say to encourage others to apply for an IVS as well as donate to the AAO-HNS foundation to continue the support of this program around the world?

A Singh: IVS is an excellent opportunity for early career ENT surgeons and fellows. It is always good to visit a new center to interact, learn, and network, or else you are like a frog in the well. Any program needs support to sustain itself. Following role models like Gregory W. Randolph, MD, and Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD, I would strongly request everyone at the Academy to support IVS so that its benefits can be globally enhanced.