The Leading Edge

June 2020 – Vol. 39, No. 5

Finding Our Way ­-­ Choosing Your Path and Understanding the Journey

Clinging to clichés that include “silver linings” or “lemons to lemonade” seems challenging at best these days; however, daily we are becoming more equipped to find our way sustained by optimism, positivity, and hope that we will get through this.


The Future of Otolaryngology ­-­ Emerging from the Fog of War

Over the course of just three months, the COVID-19 pandemic has fractured several assumptions commonly held by the medical establishment—including hospitals, health systems, health plan executives, physicians, and patients alike—about traditional provision of medical care and also patient attitudes and behaviors toward healthcare.


Emerging from the Pandemic with Lessons Learned to Impact Change

I have spent considerably more time during the last three months reading about, researching, and commenting on viral disease than in the previous 40+ years of my medical career. The current COVID-19 pandemic lately has focused my interest on several aspects related to the consequences of this widespread, easily transmissible virus that happens to be highly concentrated in areas of our primary expertise, the nose, nasopharynx, and pharynx.