The Leading Edge

August 2020 – Vol. 39, No. 7

Maintaining Our Relationships as We Learn in a Virtual Environment

Our Academy meeting is right around the corner and there is an excitement building about (albeit forced by COVID-19) our first-ever all virtual experience. A recent article I read, “Bridging Tradition and Globalism: How to Add Value to Virtual Meetings,” from Aptitude Health, stated, “While traditional engagement paradigms are heavy on live interactions and building personal relationships, the digital landscape often seems to erase these.


Setting Our Course through Collaborative Strategic Planning

The Academy and its Foundation regularly review and adjust priorities of the organization every three-to-five-year period through a multistep strategic planning process. We are beginning preparations for our upcoming strategic planning session to be held in January under the leadership of Carol R. Bradford, MD, who will be our president at the time.