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Competency: It is everyone’s responsibility

From the AAO-HNSF Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQI) Committee David H. Chi, MD Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology Clinical Director, Division of Pediatric ... READ MORE

What are we doing for you?

Irritating rules burdening day-to-day practice James C. Denneny III, AAO-HNS/F EVP/CEO The direct relationship between policies and rules that are perceived as burdensome, inappropriate, and ... READ MORE

ENThealth.org: Primed for preview: The new patient health website

ENThealth.org, debuting at the 2018 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience in Atlanta, Georgia, this month, is the Foundation’s new dynamic patient health website—a consumer-facing online resource that ... READ MORE

AcademyU®: Increasing mobile-friendly courses

AcademyU now provides learning “on the go” for all CME activities. Case-based courses, webcasts, eCourses, and the AcademyQ Knowledge Assessment can all be conveniently accessed on any mobile device. ... READ MORE

Opinion – Otolaryngologists: Masters of hearing health

Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA, FACS Professor and Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery; Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Academic Specialties; Drexel University College of ... READ MORE

AMA House of Delegates report: Issues impacting otolaryngology

Robert Puchalski, MD Chair, AAO-HNS Delegation to the AMA House of Delegates The American Medical Association (AMA) held its 2018 Annual House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting in Chicago, IL, June 9-13. ... READ MORE

Alphabet soup: Acronyms you need to know

Ever read an article, had a conversation, or watched a news program that included myriad acronyms that cause a “what does that mean” moment? Cross a couple of those questions off your list by ... READ MORE

Neurotology quality measures coming to Reg-entSM in 2019

The AAO-HNSF and the American Association of Neurology (AAN) partnered to develop quality measures from the updated AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guideline: “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).” ... READ MORE

A Reg-entSM practice perspective: Wyoming Otolaryngology with Cope Norcross, MD

Data is a critical component in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. Participants using the Reg-ent registry are harnessing the power of data to guide the best ENT care for their patients. ... READ MORE

Commentary: Consider osteopathic medical students

Akshay V. Patel, DO, MA Connecticut Ear, Nose, and Throat Physicians; Co-Director, Head and Neck Cancer Program, Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center at Hartford Hospital; Assistant Clinical Professor, ... READ MORE

Donor Spotlight: From resident to Millennium Society Lifetime donor in five years

Betty S. Tsai, MD  The AAO-HNS foundation is honored to spotlight Betty S. Tsai, MD, who became a Millennium Society Lifetime donor through her generous pledge of $50,000 in 2013 to the ... READ MORE

Head and Neck Outreach in Uganda

Akina Tamaki, MD; Shawn Li, MD; Chad A. Zender, MD The Head and Neck Outreach (HNO) team was established in 2014 through a partnership between Case Western Reserve University, University ... READ MORE

New guideline for creating unbiased educational content

Richard V. Smith, MD AAO-HNSF Coordinator for Education We recently needed to take down a Patient Management Perspectives (Pmp) course, as it had culturally insensitive and biased language. ... READ MORE

Pearls From Peers: What do you incorporate into your schedule to achieve work-life balance?

I have a life-long passion for soccer and have been lucky to continually play the sport throughout my medical training and beyond. In 2017 and 2018, I was honored to represent our country by playing ... READ MORE